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Interview Patrick Pylypuik Laptop

A conversation with Patrick Pylypuik , Head of Sales North America

Patrick Pylypuik joined the Blickfeld management team as Head of Sales North America in June. In this chat, he tells us what fascinates him about Blickfeld, what his plans for the US market look like, and he shares one of his most valuable learnings from the past years.

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Samira freight train Blickfeld LiDAR sensor field of view
  • The research aims to develop a train shunting assistance system based on an advanced sensor set including Blickfeld LiDAR technology
  • It represents a significant step forward to safe and efficient shunting of freight trains and allows for the introduction of autonomous features
  • Reliable and accurate automated detection of objects on the tracks helps avoid collision without exposing workers to hazards
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Skyline Detroit

Blickfeld, the breakthrough LiDAR sensor technology company creating innovative hardware and software products, will be expanding its operations into the US. 

To support Blickfeld’s operations on the ground in the US, the company will open a new office in the Detroit area, to establish its strategic North American location. Blickfeld plans to hire 25 more people by the end of 2023.

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street car sensor traffic monitoring Testfeld Erste Meile

As part of the IN2Lab research project, Blickfeld is working with project partners such as Audi, Continental, the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI and the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences to develop a system that provides automated and autonomous driving with environmental information collected from the infrastructure for additional safety.

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Blickfeld Office

Blickfeld has been chosen as one of the most promising German tech start-ups by the global analyst platform “Tracxn” and was included in their „Soonicorn Club 2022“.

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Mounted LiDAR sensors
  • Blickfeld and EvoCount deepen collaboration and realize several joint projects.
  • Current people counting projects enable accurate and privacy-compliant determination of visitor numbers to derive effective protective measures.
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Blickfeld founders Florian Petit Mathias Müller Rolf Wojtech

New investment supports the development of new products and internationalization of business

Blickfeld, the Munich-based start-up developing breakthrough high performance and mass-producible LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensing technology, announces the extension of the company’s Series A funding to $31 million. New Future Capital (NFC), a private equity firm that provides growth capital primarily in Asia, North America, and Europe, was won as a new investor. Furthermore, all existing investors participated in the round including Bayern Kapital, Continental, Fluxunit – ams OSRAM Ventures, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Tengelmann Ventures, and UVC Partners.

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Blickfeld Cube 1 outdoor LiDAR sensor wave measurement north carolina setup

Rising sea levels and more frequent and severe storms threaten coastal regions worldwide, causing flooding and eroding coastlines. It is essential to research and understand these storm events to be able to predict their impact on barrier island and coastal communities and consequently take appropriate protection and mitigation measures.

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Blickfeld Cube 1 LiDAR sensor at Frankfurt airport

3D data optimize passenger logistics and enable the prediction of passenger traffic

LiDAR sensors and perception software provider Blickfeld announces the implementation of a first project phase of a people counting application at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Blickfeld is implementing the detection and analysis of passenger volumes and movements in the check-in hall A of Terminal 1 for Fraport AG in collaboration with evaluation expert Sensalytics. For the first time, passenger flows can be recorded anonymously over a large area using Blickfeld’s powerful and precise LiDAR sensors, combined with the counting and tracking software. In the future, this could help optimize passenger logistics and enable short-term prediction of passenger volumes.

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street car LiDAR field of view from street lamp

Blickfeld participates in the research project “IN2Lab” led by the Ingolstadt University of Technology

LiDAR manufacturer Blickfeld is a project partner in the IN2Lab research project, led by Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) and funded by the Bavarian Collaborative Research Programme (BayVFP). The three-year research project aims to develop a safety system that enables the testing of automated driving functions in the real-life environment.

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The Spark winner Blickfeld der Deutsche Digitalpreis

The Munich-based start-up is awarded the “The Spark” by Handelsblatt and McKinsey for its pioneering LiDAR technology.

Blickfeld, a leading provider of solid-state LiDAR technology, receives the German award “The Spark” by Handelsblatt and McKinsey which honors digital innovation. In a 90-second pitch on Thursday evening, co-founder Rolf Wojtech impressively presented the various applications of the scalable solid-state LiDAR sensors to the audience. The Munich-based start-up had already explained Blickfeld’s technology in detail to the eleven-member jury in September and thus prevailed against the other nine finalists in the competition.

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Start me up Blickfeld winner Valentin Baier

The jury, led by German Silicon Valley legend Andreas von Bechtolsheim, honors Munich-based start-up company in “Start me up!”, a contest for new founders

Blickfeld, a leading provider of solid-state LiDAR technology, has been awarded 100,000 Euro for achieving first place in the “Start me up!” contest, which is organized by the business magazine BILANZ. The Munich-based start-up competed with a total of 1,200 applicants, ten of whom had reached the final round.

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