Machines are becoming more and more intelligent, processes more and more automated. To shape this intelligent future, a holistic approach towards environmental perception is required. Blickfeld’s smart sensing solution, consisting of hardware and software, is incredibly versatile and empowers applications for a wide range of industries.

Mobility & Automotive

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors provide high-resolution 3D information about their environment and significantly improve ADAS and AD systems’ performance and reliability. With real-time point cloud data, they enable automated and autonomous driving for all levels.

Consumer Vehicles

LiDAR sensors provide high-resolution 3D information about their environment and significantly improve the performance and reliability of ADAS and AD systems. Blickfeld sensors meet all consumer vehicle requirements regarding safety, reliability, and scalability. Thanks to their unrivalled compact size, Blickfeld’s automotive LiDARs enable 360° coverage with sleek design integration.

Shuttles & Robotaxis

Automated shuttles will redefine transportation in urban environments, making moving from A to B more convenient and safe. Passenger transport systems have unique safety needs and require a full 360° view. Blickfeld’s product suite meets those requirements and enables level 4+ automation.


Self-driving trucks will revolutionize the freight industry. Blickfeld’s technology meets the unique trucking requirements including robustness, longevity, and reliability.

Last-Mile-Delivery & AGVs

Automated goods delivery for the last mile closes the gap between enterprises and consumers. The same applies for autonomous guided vehicles. Ultra-compact size and low power consumption are core criteria where Blickfeld’s products excel.

Smart City

The Blickfeld LiDAR solution captures vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, buildings, or vegetation with high precision, enabling accurate detection, counting, and tracking in cities. It is also possible to classify objects and assign them to a group, such as motorcycles, cars, or trucks, opening up a wide range of applications.

The protection of privacy is a top priority in public spaces. The 3D data generated by LiDAR is highly reliable and also conceals the identification of individuals. The Blickfeld LiDAR thus preserves privacy and is an ideal solution for Smart City applications.

People Counting

With the Blickfeld LiDAR technology, people can be detected and counted. In scenarios like in a pedestrian zone or on train platforms, the Blickfeld algorithm can recognize heavily frequented areas based on the recorded point clouds. It can also count and record the direction of passers-by and visitors’ movement and analyze the occupancy and utilization of a room or an area.

Parking Spot Detection

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors save drivers the hassle of searching for parking spaces. Mounted on street lamps or traffic lights, they monitor parking strips or parking spaces and provide precise distance measurements. This can be used by the Blickfeld software for automatic geometric analysis of areas, determining whether a parking space is occupied as well as the size of the area.

Smart Infrastructure

Integrated into the infrastructure, Blickfeld LiDAR sensors collect detailed real-time information about traffic. The software analyzes the speed and direction of the movement of each traffic participant. This information can be used for traffic flow analysis, traffic control to reduce congestion in cities, as well as an information feed via 5G to autonomous vehicles. Static LiDAR can also be used to remotely navigate vehicles in production plants, company fleets, or large car parks to increase efficiency. With flexible installation options and end-to-end LiDAR technology, including hardware and software, the Blickfeld solution enables automated valet parking.

Industrial & Farming

The proprietary MEMS technology gives the Blickfeld sensors an unrivaled small size, lightweight, and protection against vibrations or dust. These properties are particularly valuable when used in warehouses, on construction sites, or in mining areas. The Blickfeld LiDAR and the associated software covers a wide range of applications in Industry 4.0 and agriculture.


Drones have strict requirements for measurement systems. Thanks to their compact size, low weight, and low power consumption, Blickfeld LiDARs are perfectly suited for use in survey drones or in autonomous delivery and transport drones. They enable photogrammetric image evaluation as well as obstacle detection and collision avoidance and allow the drones to navigate autonomously with remarkable precision.

Autonomous Guided Vehicles

For large warehouses or port areas, autonomous guided vehicles are an efficient way to transport goods from A to B. The ability to detect and recognize objects and people is an integral requirement. Equipped with Blickfeld sensors, the systems can avoid collisions and find their way by automatically determining their position.

Smart Farming

Agriculture can also optimize their processes with modern technologies. Autonomous tractors or other self-driving agricultural equipment can assist farmers in automated livestock monitoring and precision farming. All this is made possible by the Blickfeld LiDAR sensors, thanks to their resistance to dust and darkness. The Blickfeld software solution also triggers alarms if, for example, animals move out of the defined zones.

Volume Measurement & Level Sensing

Companies need to keep track of their inventory and the available space in warehouses, trucks, or containers. This enables better planning and can significantly reduce management and operational costs. The 3D data of the Blickfeld LiDAR is accurate, reliable, and ideal for both short and long range. The Blickfeld software evaluates this data to provide information on occupancy and fill levels.


An integrated and reliable security system requires the highest quality and precision in detecting, counting, and tracking. The Blickfeld LiDAR solution offers reliable detection by the LiDAR sensors and a powerful software for data interpretation.

Perimeter Security

The Blickfeld LiDAR facilitates and enhances perimeter security to protect critical infrastructures and valuable resources. For example, an intrusion cannot be reliably detected without the LiDAR data, leading to false alarms. LiDAR’s active measuring principle, combined with the detection software, allows the exact measurement of the object dimensions before triggering an alarm. Also, low visibility conditions such as fog, rain, and darkness do not hinder the sensor’s capabilities.

Detection & Counting

In museums, event halls, or stadiums, it is sometimes necessary to know how many people are on the premises and how people’s flow is moving. This is where the Blickfeld LiDAR solution comes in as LiDAR sensors reliably capture objects and people using data categorized, tracked, and counted by the detection software.

Virtual Zone Monitoring

To monitor entries in certain areas, virtual zones can be defined in the recorded 3D data with the Blickfeld software. In this way, for example, safety can be ensured at railroad tracks or airports.

Custom solution

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