Application Areas

Digitizing industries: The Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of different applications.

Volume Monitoring

LiDAR digitizes volume monitoring for countless industries: On-demand, precise and real-time data gives out exact volumes of stored material, avoiding shortages and production stops and simultaneously ensuring better control of materials. Furthermore, accurate 3D data with remote access leads to overall optimization and digitalization of companies’ value chains, enabling improved digital inventory management with better forecasting and more efficient warehousing.


Blickfeld offers an end-to-end solution for threat detection and alarm generation. The accurate 3D LiDAR data helps to secure buildings, areas and objects by reliably detecting whether someone or something is entering a designated security zone.

Crowd Analytics

Knowing how many people are present in a certain area and how they move can have benefits for several different industries. While it helps to manage crowds at airports or train stations, it also supports event security at festivals or supports display management by showing turn-in rates.


Redefining the future of mobility with high-resolution 3D environment data to enable mobility solutions such as shuttles and robotaxis, last-mile-delivery and smart industrial vehicles.

Drones / UAVs

Inspections and maintenance of large structures can easily be automated with LiDAR-equipped drones – saving time and cost in comparison to manual inspections. Blickfeld’s LiDAR hardware is especially well suited thank to its small size, light weight and low power consumption.

Custom solution

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