Industry-first smart 3D LiDAR combines high-performance sensing with advanced on-device processing.


Qb2 harnesses Blickfeld’s proprietary solid-state software-defined LiDAR technology. Setting a new industry standard, Qb2 seamlessly captures and processes high-resolution 3D LiDAR data — all within a single device

With its integrated compute module, Qb2 allows the Blickfeld perception software to run on the device, making it an all-in-one solution, reducing complexity and cost, and providing actionable data for various IoT applications. WiFi on the device removes the need for additional network cabling for fast and simple deployment with minimal investment.

Superior performance and software on-device

The Qb2 sensor supports 3 returns, a laser beam divergence of 0.25° x 0.25°, and delivers up to 400 scan lines per frame, ensuring outstanding point cloud quality for accurate and reliable 3D information. Combining this cutting edge LiDAR technology with a complete perception software stack that runs on device, the Qb2 delivers actionable results.

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Key Specifications

Technical Data
Field of view (H x V)*
90° x 50°
1 – 100 m
Frame rate
1 – 50 Hz depending on configured scan pattern
Laser class
Class 1, eye-safe (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Ingress protection
Dimensions (H x W x D)**
ca. 75 mm x 111 mm x 83 mm
ca. 535 g
Voltage input
Power over Ethernet (PoE); IEEE 802.3at Type 1
Power consumption
Typ. 10 W; max. 13 W

* Configurable via web user interface

** Without cables or antenna attached

Specifications are subject to change without notice

On-device Software
Integrated web interfaces
Interactive 3D LiDAR point cloud visualization; Device configuration / setup; Zone placement and configuration; Interface / output specification; Point cloud recorder
Object detection and tracking
Movement-based detection and tracking of objects including velocity information. Paths of tracked objects are visualized in the x-y plane.
Virtual zones
Security zone for zone intrusion detection and alarm generation; volume zone for calculation of cubic meters
Data output
Detected intrusions; Volume data in cubic meters
Output interfaces
JSON or Protobuf format over MQTT; TCP

Suitable for numerous applications

The software-defined 3D LiDAR sensor is versatile, featuring a flexibly adaptable field of view and configurable scan pattern. Designed to meet the requirements of various application scenarios, the Qb2 offers a wide field of view and high resolution and accuracy. With its proprietary solid-state technology, the sensor is maintenance-free and durable. The on-device processing and the WiFi connectivity make Qb2 a smart solution for automation across numerous industries.

Blickfeld Qb2 IP 67 water

Reliable performance in the real-world

Blickfeld Qb2 sensors offer reliable performance in real-world scenarios. Their rugged design ensures long-term availability in harsh environments, with a wide temperature range of -30°C to 60°C and IP67 Ingress Protection. Integration is seamless with PoE and WiFi, while on-device processing eliminates the need for additional computers. Choose our sensors with dust repellent enclosures for added durability and peace of mind.

Product Details

Blickfeld QbProtect 3D LiDAR sensor


Qb2 wifi antenna

Detachable WiFi antenna

Qb2 Quick start manual

Safety & Compliance manual

Always improving

Blickfeld’s smart sensors are continuously enhanced with cutting-edge features through regular firmware updates, ensuring ongoing improvements in perception and performance.

GitHub Repository 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the standard version if you require a small device footprint and weight and if the ambient temperature at the operating location is expected to not exceed 40 °C. If higher temperatures might occur, choose the Extended Temperature Range (ETR) version.

The Qb2 supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standards in the 2.4 GHz band and the IEEE 802.11 n/ac WiFi standards in the 5 GHz band.

The antenna is not necessary for operating the sensor. It is only required when using the WiFi functionality. Please note that WiFi operation is only permitted with the Blickfeld-authorized antenna.

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Unboxing and Setup

Learn in this video how to easily set up the Blickfeld Qb2 and create your first live-point cloud. 


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