Industry-first smart 3D LiDAR combines high-performance sensing with advanced on-device processing.

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Smart LiDAR Qb2

Qb2 is an integrated smart LiDAR that allows capturing and processing of 3D data on a single device. 

By incorporating Blickfeld’s cutting-edge technologies and research, customers benefit from an intuitive and cost-effective system while drastically simplifying installation and operation in various use-cases.

The revolutionary smart LiDAR enables solving complex challenges in applications such as smart infrastructure, crowd analytics, and perimeter security without requiring additional computers or adaptor boxes. The high-level scene information such as object position, velocity, zone occupancy, and more are directly available to users in the form of object or event lists.

First samples available in Q3 2022. 


On-device processing

The Qb2 combines light detection and ranging technology with powerful processing hardware that can run a complete perception software stack.

Actionable data

High-level object information (e.g. object type, position, velocity) is output directly. This drastically simplifies the installation complexity, reduces power consumption, and minimizes costs.


Qb2 features an intuitive web interface, which enables users to adapt the scan patterns, perception algorithms, and data output easily. No additional computer hardware or adapter boxes are needed.

Software-defined LiDAR

Blickfeld LiDARs are flexible and adaptable to a variety of use cases. These software-defined sensors feature a frame-to-frame configuration of the field-of-view, point density, number of scan lines, and scan rate thanks to the intuitive web GUI.

Additional features