Industry-first smart 3D LiDAR combines high-performance sensing with advanced on-device processing.


Qb2 is based on Blickfeld’s proprietary solid-state software-defined LiDAR technology and, as an industry first, enables the capturing and processing of 3D LiDAR data on a single device.

The integrated compute module allows the Blickfeld Percept software stack to run on the device, making it an all-in-one solution, reducing complexity and cost, and providing actionable data for volume monitoring purposes, crowd analytics, and smart infrastructure. WiFi on the device removes the need for additional network cabling for fast and simple deployment with minimal investment.

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90° x 50°
field of view
1 - 100 m
typ application range
10 W
typ power consumption
> 400 
scan lines per second
rated housing
Integrated compute module allows Blickfeld Percept software stack to run on the device
On-device processing

The Qb2 combines light detection and ranging technology with powerful processing hardware that can run a complete perception software stack. No additional computers needed.

Blickfeld Qb2 LiDAR sensor with wifi connectivity
WiFi connectivity

WiFi on the device enables device connectivity and removes the need for additional network cabling, keeping installation and maintenance costs low.

Blickfeld Percept Laptop LiDAR Software
Actionable data

The intuitive web interface allows users to adapt perception algorithms and data output easily. The enriched, real-time data can be automatically fed into IT systems like the ERP or the cloud.

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Superior performance

Experience up to 400 scan lines per frame, ensuring outstanding point cloud quality. The Qb2 sensor supports 3 returns and a laser beam divergence of 0.25° x 0.25°, enabling precise scanning for accurate and reliable information.

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Suitable for numerous applications

The software-defined 3D LiDAR sensor is versatile, featuring a flexibly adaptable field of view and configurable scan pattern. Designed to meet the requirements of various application scenarios, the Qb2 offers a wide field of view and high resolution and accuracy. With its proprietary solid-state technology, the sensor is maintenance-free and durable. The on-device processing and the WiFi connectivity make Qb2 a smart solution for automation across numerous industries.

Blickfeld Qb2 IP 67 water

Reliable performance in the real-world

Blickfeld Qb2 sensors offer reliable performance in real-world scenarios. Their rugged design ensures long-term availability in harsh environments, with a wide temperature range of -30°C to 60°C and IP67 Ingress Protection. Integration is seamless with PoE and WiFi, while on-device processing eliminates the need for additional computers. Choose our sensors with dust repellent enclosures for added durability and peace of mind.


Explore the range of essential accessories designed to complement and enhance the functionality of the Blickfeld Qb2. From mounting solutions to connectivity options, discover the tools that make deploying and using the sensors seamless and efficient.

Pan-tilt mounting bracket

The pan-tilt mounting bracket enables flexible mounting to both walls and poles, with pan and tilt adjustment, featuring a rugged and corrosion-resistant design suitable for outdoor environments.

Camera mount adapter

The camera mount adapter facilitates easy mounting of the Qb2 to standard camera mounting equipment like a tripod, thanks to its standard mounting holes.

Ethernet cable

The 3m ethernet cable comes equipped with a 90° angled connector on the sensor side and a matching M12 connector for the Qb2 interface, ensuring outdoor durability with its UV-resistant construction, high-flex PUR jacket, and IP67 protection on the sensor side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the standard version if you require a small device footprint and weight and if the ambient temperature at the operating location is expected to not exceed 40 °C. If higher temperatures might occur, choose the Extended Temperature Range (ETR) version.

The Qb2 supports the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standards in the 2.4 GHz band and the IEEE 802.11 n/ac WiFi standards in the 5 GHz band.

The antenna is not necessary for operating the sensor. It is only required when using the WiFi functionality. Please note that WiFi operation is only permitted with the Blickfeld-authorized antenna.

Please contact sales@blickfeld.com to receive an offer to your request.

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