LiDAR Solutions for a safe and efficient digital world

LiDAR Sensors



World-first smart 3D LiDAR combining high performance sensing with on-device processing


Cube 1

Wide field of view sensor for industrial applications

Cube 1 Outdoor

Ip65-rated housing for application in adverse environmental conditions

Case Studies

Blickfeld LiDAR solutions enable a host of applications in various different industries. 

Sachtleben Technology
Blickfeld LiDAR sensors measure volume of bulk material piles
LiDAR sensors count visitors anonymously to visualize occupancy on North...
FH Aachen
LiDAR supports track monitoring for safe and efficient shunting of...
University of North Carolina Wilmington
LiDAR sensors support study of storm impacts along coastal North...

LiDAR Perception Software

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors go hand in hand with software to offer a smart sensing solution, enabling real-world applications.

LiDAR sensors reliably capture detailed 3D data about their environment. Percept turns raw point cloud data into actionable insights, all within your web browser. 


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