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Blickfeld LiDAR sensors provide high-resolution 3D information about their environment, enabling applications from industrial vehicle automation to last-mile delivery. The reliable and powerful LiDAR sensors ensure safe and efficient mobility of the future.

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors are available today.

LiDAR for a safe mobility
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Technology in Agriculture: Can LiDAR Transform Modern Farming?

LiDAR can help agriculture increase yields and use land more efficiently through detailled monitoring. The technology is thus preparing the agricultural sector for the future.


Industrial Vehicles

Smart sensing solutions will digitalize our supply chains. Blickfeld’s reliable and rugged LiDARs meet the requirements of industrial vehicles. Building on Blickfeld’s LiDAR technology, the next generation of agricultural machines, mining vehicles, and construction equipment will be automated, safer, smarter, and more efficient.

Case Studies

LiDAR technology is used in various applications every day. Find a selection of customers who use Blickfeld technology to make their business safer, smarter and more efficient.

LiDAR supports track monitoring for safe and efficient shunting of freight trains

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