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Capturing terrain aerially enables covering large areas quickly and easily, even in complex or difficult to access environments. LiDAR-equipped drones are being deployed in a multitude of use cases, such as inspection or mapping in various industries. Thanks to their compact size, low weight, and low power consumption, Blickfeld LiDARs are perfectly suited for use in UAVs.

Ultra-compact and light­weight LiDAR for drones


Compact size and lightweight design


Low power consumption


Wide field of view and long range


High accuracy and resolution

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LiDAR in Drones: Keeping an eye on things

Capturing terrain aerially has many advantages and therefore offers exciting use cases in numerous industries. Robust and small LiDAR sensors enable the recording of terrain with centimeter accuracy and thus provide information about the conditions while cutting down costs and and man-hours.


Wind Turbines

The inspection of wind turbines can be very labor intensive and therefore costly. Drones have allowed to significantly reduce the efforts for a safe and reliable inspection of the object’s structure and enabed remote maintenance by taking pictures of the turbines which serve as the basis for a state of the art safety inspection. LiDAR sensors support the autonomous flight and positioning of the drone in front of the turbine and thereby reduce the cost and the risk of inspection.


The characteristics of Blickfeld’s LiDAR sensors enable a host of different drone applications.

Inspection and predictive maintenance

Use a drone to gather the needed information out of flight

Autonomous flight

Use 3D LiDAR data for collision warning in an avoidance system

3D Mapping

Map terrain by overflying it with a LiDAR-equipped drone

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