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Understanding visitor, passenger, or customer movements can be valuable for various industries, from retail to public transport to events and tourism. With Blickfeld’s LiDAR-based solution, businesses can anonymously and continuously track and analyze crowds in real-time, providing valuable insights into customers’ and visitors’ behavior, density, and movement patterns.

The data can help to regulate people flows, improve turn-in rates by optimizing store layout or product placement, ensure event security and safety to prevent overcrowding and meet regulations, and ultimately make the experiences for the customer or visitor more enjoyable.

By using Blickfeld’s LiDAR-based people analytics solution, businesses can better understand customer or visitor behavior and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and crowd management. This can improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and lead to a more successful business. 

Anonymous detection and tracking of people flows in real-time


Privacy-sensitive data collection

The solution only captures 3D data, making it impossible to draw any conclusions about individuals within the field of view.


Unobtrusive installation

Due to their compact size and discreet design, the sensors blend seamlessly and silently into their surroundings without drawing undue attention.


Cost-efficient setup

Thanks to flexible mounting options and large area coverage, the solution offers a low cost per square meter and can be easily adjusted to suit the specific needs of each space from airport to beaches.


Reliable operation

Our LiDAR Solution is designed with an intrinsic light source that enables day and night operation, making it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.


How to use LiDAR technology for Crowd Analytics and Management

Learn how to use LiDAR technology for crowd management with an example project that we have implemented at the North Sea.



LiDAR-based visitor analytics offer numerous advantages for retail facilities like shops, malls, or supermarkets. Tracking people’s movements and turn-in rates offers display and product performance insights, which can be leveraged to improve the customer journey. Detecting general buyer volume provides also an indication of real estate values and can help to prevent overcrowding.


People counting and tracking with the Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of applications in the field of Crowd Analytics.

Queue Management

Customer Journey Tracking

Turn-in Rate

Heat Map

Case Studies

LiDAR technology is used in various applications every day. Find a selection of customers who use Blickfeld technology to make their business safer, smarter and more efficient.

Virginia Tech: Understanding how a space becomes a “place” with LiDAR technology

LiDAR sensors count visitors anonymously to visualize occupancy on North Sea beaches

Featured Products

Blickfeld Qb2 LiDAR sensor product shot

Smart 3D-LiDAR

Blickfeld Cube 1 LiDAR sensor
Cube 1

LiDAR for wide FoV applications

Desktop computer Blickfeld percept software zone configuration

Innovative perception software to translate LiDAR data into actionable insight

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the Qb2 for a large field of view, high resolution, and advanced data processing capabilities for volume monitoring and security applications. Cube 1 is an excellent alternative when low weight and dimensions are particularly important or when the budget is limited.

Precipitation and other atmospheric disturbances such as smoke, dust, or fog do not increase the false detection rate of our LiDAR sensors but can influence the detection range. 

Blickfeld continuously improves its products and provides regular firmware updates with bug fixes and new features.

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