„True autonomous driving without LiDAR won’t be possible”

A conversation with Grégory Poillion, Vice President Automotive Sales and Business Development

Grégory Poillion joined the Blickfeld management team as Vice President Automotive Sales and Business Development in June, bringing impressive automotive market expertise into the company. In this chat, he talks about his vision of an autonomous future, the Blickfeld spirit and what important learnings are going to help him shape Blickfeld’s automotive business further.

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Next Stop: Formula Student Trophy

Blickfeld supports the Elbflorace team of the TU Dresden with LiDAR sensors

For the last 15 years, the Elbflorace team from TU Dresden has successfully built race cars to participate in Formula Student competitions. This year, for the first time, Blickfeld Cube 1 LiDAR sensors are also part of the project. The team has continually evolved its technology over the years: in 2010, the first car with an electric drive was introduced, and since 2018 they have been fielding autonomous race cars as well. This year, the car can compete in both disciplines as their vehicle can operate autonomously (or with a driver) while using an electric drive.

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Blickfeld Sensors Become Smart LiDARs and Enable Integrated Motion Detection

Blickfeld introduces industry-first functions for on-device pre-processing of LiDAR data

LiDAR manufacturer and perception software provider Blickfeld enables Smart LiDAR functionality on their sensors. This makes Blickfeld sensors the first LiDAR sensors that not only collect detailed 3D data but are also capable of computing and providing enriched information through on-device pre-processing. This pre-processing is an industry first and is accomplished by a high-performance computing chipset integrated into the LiDAR. The first feature introduced by Blickfeld is a pre-processing algorithm that enables motion detection. As a result, Smart LiDARs offer easier, faster, and more cost-effective integration into applications and solutions.

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Blickfeld LiDAR technology detects passenger flows at Frankfurt Airport

3D data optimize passenger logistics and enable the prediction of passenger traffic

LiDAR sensors and perception software provider Blickfeld announces the implementation of a first project phase of a people counting application at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Blickfeld is implementing the detection and analysis of passenger volumes and movements in the check-in hall A of Terminal 1 for Fraport AG in collaboration with evaluation expert Sensalytics. For the first time, passenger flows can be recorded anonymously over a large area using Blickfeld’s powerful and precise LiDAR sensors, combined with the counting and tracking software. In the future, this could help optimize passenger logistics and enable short-term prediction of passenger volumes.

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“I am fascinated by the host of application areas for Blickfeld technology”

A conversation with Christian Waizenegger, Vice President Sales and Business Development

Christian Waizenegger joined the Blickfeld management team as VP of Sales and Business Development in February. In this chat, he tells us what fascinates him about the Blickfeld technology, what a typical day at Blickfeld looks like, and what he plans for his team.

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Blickfeld to present new automotive LiDAR sensors at digital CES 2021

Vision Mini, Vision Plus and the MEMS Scanning Module 118 form the automotive product suite

LiDAR manufacturer Blickfeld will unveil its automotive LiDAR products for the first time at digital CES 2021. After commercially launching the industrial LiDAR “Cube 1” in 2020, the Munich-based company is now presenting its automotive LiDAR suite consisting of a mid-range as well as a long-range sensor. Blickfeld is also introducing its MEMS Scanning Module 118 as a product.

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A somewhat different year: This was 2020

2020 has been quite the ride, but it has taught us to be more reflective and grateful for things we usually took for granted. Even though everything did not go according to plan, we still want to use this opportunity to look back on this year’s events and how Blickfeld made great strides forward.

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Automated cars: How safe is safe enough?

Blickfeld tackles this question together with nine other partners in the “VIVALDI” research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Countless test driving kilometers are required to make automated vehicles as safe as possible. This takes place both on the road and virtually in simulations. VIVALDI aims to develop virtual test methods to increase reliability.

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YouTuber Dr. Whatson explains LiDAR technology

“The LiDAR revolution is coming” – Cedric Engels alias Dr. Whatson is convinced of this. In a detailed educational video about LiDAR sensors and Blickfeld, Dr. Watson comprehensively explains the sensor concept in autonomous driving, goes deep into LiDAR technology, and gives an overview of the entire LiDAR market.

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Testing autonomous driving functions safely with smart infrastructure

Blickfeld participates in the research project “IN2Lab” led by the Ingolstadt University of Technology

LiDAR manufacturer Blickfeld is a project partner in the IN2Lab research project, led by Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) and funded by the Bavarian Collaborative Research Programme (BayVFP). The three-year research project aims to develop a safety system that enables the testing of automated driving functions in the real-life environment.

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