Customer service engineer

A conversation with Fabian Wagner, Customer Service Engineer at Blickfeld

At Blickfeld, Customer Service is more than just a service – it is a driving force for customer satisfaction and product enhancement. The team plays a key role when it comes to not only responding to queries but also proactively creating solutions for our customers. To find out more about the team’s multifaceted tasks, we spoke to Fabian Wagner.

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Blickfeld QbProtect is the first smart LiDAR that, thanks to analysis software, standard interfaces, and a web GUI on-device, provides directly usable results concerning unauthorized entry. Object size detection leads to a remarkably low false alarm rate.

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As 2023 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment, just like every year, to look back on the year at Blickfeld. In a time characterized by changes and challenges, we have taken significant steps as a company to drive innovation, strengthen partnerships, and establish our place in the changing industry landscape.

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Blickfeld Founding Team

Investors are increasing their financing of the LiDAR company Blickfeld to bolster the market penetration of its smart LiDAR products, which are disrupting supply chain and security applications by providing real-time 3D information easily.

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BSFZ seal for research and development

Blickfeld has recently been honored with the BSFZ seal from the Bescheinigungsstelle-Forschungszulage (BSFZ). Under the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, this body recognizes companies that achieve significant technological advancements through their research and development efforts, making them eligible for support.

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Volume Monitoring Point Cloud

At the Powtech 2023 trade fair in Nuremberg, Blickfeld presents an award-winning LiDAR-based solution for volume monitoring of bulk materials. This enables companies to access digital inventory information at any time and thus significantly enhances their material management efficiency.

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Award Ceremony

The solution for real-time inventory tracking, awarded with the Best of Technology Award 2023 presented by Wirtschaftswoche, paves the way for companies toward the digital supply chain.

Blickfeld, a developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge LiDAR technology, has won the Best of Technology Award 2023 in the Purchase & Supply Chain Management category with a digital solution for real-time volume measurement of material stocks. The award, presented by Wirtschaftswoche, a prominent German business magazine, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and the consulting firm Capgemini, recognizes companies for the most innovative IT applications and disruptive digital solutions.

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Accurate stockpile monitoring is key to efficient operations in industries like waste management and recycling, fertilizer, or cement production. However, up until now, companies often rely on inaccurate inventory data due to measuring methods such as eyeballing, weighbridges, or counting shovels of materials. To address this challenge, Blickfeld Co-founder and CXO Florian Petit discussed in a recent webinar how LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring provides a digital solution that enables streamlined inventory control and digitalizes stockpile management.

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A conversation with Stefan Lehner, Head of Customer Success (CUS) at Blickfeld

Stefan Lehner has built the Customer Success Team and manages various customer projects. In this interview, he discusses the tasks of the Customer Success Team and the role it plays within Blickfeld.

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When Blickfeld was founded in 2017, LiDAR sensors were bulky, maintenance-intensive and very expensive to produce. Blickfeld’s founders set out to change that: They developed a LiDAR sensor with a simplified set-up, always keeping scalability in manufacturing in mind. 

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Festival Crowd

This year, the Utopia Stage at Rock am Ring belonged to Blickfeld LiDAR sensors! A total of six sensors have been installed above the main stage of the popular music festival to capture test recordings for the LidarPredict project, supported by mFUND.

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Smart LiDAR Qb2

Blickfeld will be showcasing the Smart LiDAR Qb2 – a finalist for the Best of Sensors Awards 2023 – live for the first time at the Sensors Converge 2023.

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