Blickfeld Announces Partnership with Senstar

Blickfeld’s 3D LiDAR technology complements Senstar’s portfolio of leading perimeter security systems, enabling earlier and more reliable detection of unauthorized entry and implementation of complex applications.

Munich-based LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) specialist Blickfeld has entered into a partnership with Senstar, a global technology leader in advanced sensing and information management including perimeter and outdoor security. The European market is currently the main focus of the collaboration. Blickfeld enhances the Senstar portfolio with the 3D LiDAR sensor “Blickfeld QbProtect”. The sensor captures security zones, such as securing fences and security areas, using state-of-the-art laser and semiconductor technology. It generates precise 3D data, analyzes it directly on the device, and promptly forwards the results via standard interfaces to the security system.

Benefits for Senstar customers

Blickfeld QbProtect is designed to complement Senstar’s market-leading security systems, enabling the fast detection of intruders with very high reliability. The 3D LiDAR classifies objects based on their actual size, detects objects early through the use of pre-alarm zones, and is privacy-compliant.

Scope of the collaboration

Blickfeld and Senstar have been collaborating since the beginning of the year on several projects to secure critical infrastructure, including airport security. In the future, Blickfeld QbProtect will complement the Senstar portfolio and be available through its distribution channels. The 3D LiDAR sensor will be seamlessly integrated with other components and play a crucial role in meeting complex customer requirements.

Andreas Bollu, Head of Security Solutions at Blickfeld

Andreas Bollu, Head of Security Solutions at Blickfeld, says: “We already see in the ongoing projects that the Blickfeld QbProtect provides significant added value in the protection of fences and open areas. I am particularly pleased that our 3D LiDAR solution Blickfeld QbProtect, tailored to perimeter security, will be used as a standard component for Senstar customers in the future.“

Michael Rumpf, VP Sales EMEA and Managing Director Senstar GmbH

Michael Rumpf, VP Sales EMEA and Managing Director Senstar GmbH, emphasizes: “An important foundation for the highly reliable perimeter protection we offer our customers is the smart use of various types of sensors with complementary individual strengths. We are pleased to now add an outstanding innovation to our portfolio with the Blickfeld QbProtect: Its 3D LiDAR technology enables unprecedented accuracy and reliability in detecting intruders. We are convinced that this creates significant added value for the protection of objects with the highest security requirements and look forward to many exciting joint projects with Blickfeld.”



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