Cube 1 Sensor Details

Cube 1 Data sheet

Specifications, distinctive features and dimensions

Cube 1 Envelope Drawing

Cube 1 dimensions, mounting positions, field of view

Cube 1 CAD

Cube 1 CAD Model (Step file)

EU declaration of conformity

Cube 1 EU declaration of conformity

User manuals

Cube 1 hardware user manual

Description of the installation and operation of Cube 1

Cube 1 software user manual

Technical documentation of Blickfeld tools and libraries

Cube 1 data package

Data sheet, envelope drawing, CAD model, hardware manual

Blickfeld Tools


Application for visualizing Blickfeld 3D LiDAR data in real-time.

Blickfeld Recorder

Application for recording Blickfeld point clouds in any of the supported formats in real-time and converting existing point clouds between any of these formats.


Firmware Version 1.13.6

Release Date 05.11.2020

  • Network bandwidth optimizations for point cloud recordings
  • Improved point cloud streaming over low-speed connections
  • Improved laser energy control in some corner cases