About us

Founded in 2017 and based in Munich, Germany, Blickfeld is a provider of cutting-edge LiDAR technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications.

Our innovation

LiDAR perception solutions

Blickfeld’s innovative LiDAR solution combines LiDAR hardware and software. The compact and versatile sensors offer the best combination of performance, reliability, and price. Our perception software solution translates raw 3D point clouds into actionable insights, guaranteeing a quick time-to-market and a significant competitive advantage for our customers.

Our vision

Creating a smarter, safer, and more efficient world

Our perception solutions empower our customers and partners to act, react, interact and navigate the complex surroundings of our modern age. 

We strive to make the world safer, smarter, and more efficient. With our innovative hardware and software products, we generate actionable data and enable new ways of analyzing, optimizing, and automating the world.

Our people

The leadership team

Blickfeld’s team combines many years of professional experience, innovative thinking, engineering excellence and market and implementation knowledge.

Dr Mathias Müller has already proven that he can successfully establish companies: In 2010 he founded fos4X GmbH together with Rolf Wojtech, which develops optical sensors for industrial applications, especially in the field of wind energy. With Blickfeld, he has founded his second successful start-up. Here he works as CEO and head of development. Mathias studied physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and electrical engineering at the Technical University in Munich, followed by a doctorate in optical metrology.

Mathias Mueller

Dr. Mathias Müller

CEO, Managing Director

Blickfeld’s COO and Managing Director, Terje Noevig, has long-standing operational and strategic experience gained during his time at OSRAM and Siemens, where he held different management positions. His operational management responsibilities encompassed sales, marketing, R&D, production, quality, procurement, and supply chain. Terje studied Business Administration at Lancaster University / ESB Reutlingen and holds an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School.

Terje Noevig

Terje Noevig

COO, Managing Director

Before founding Blickfeld, Dr sc Florian Petit worked on the control of robots as part of scientific work at the Technical University of Munich, Stanford University, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and ETH Zurich. The roboticist obtained his Ph.D. in the field of human-machine collaboration.

Florian Petit

Dr. sc. Florian Petit

Chief Experience Officer

Rolf Wojtech is the third Blickfeld founder and as Chief Software Architect he is responsible for the development of the Blickfeld software stack. Rolf studied computer science at the Technical University of Munich and founded fos4X GmbH together with Mathias Müller in 2010.

Rolf Wojtech

Rolf Wojtech

Chief Software Architect

After obtaining her Master’s degree in corporate communication from the University of Amsterdam, Luisa Martens worked for a large B2B full-service communication agency. Luisa joined the Blickfeld team early on and has built the company’s brand. She heads the marketing and product team.

Luisa Martens

Luisa Martens

Chief Marketing Officer

After studying electrical engineering, Dr. Markus Rauscher received his doctorate in the field of infrared spectroscopy with a focus on the application in condition monitoring. Markus joined the Blickfeld team shortly after the company’s founding in 2017 and is now head of development at Blickfeld.

Markus Rauscher

Dr. Markus Rauscher

Head of Development

Christian Waizenegger spent his professional career with the commercialization of disruptive, innovative technologies. He studied physics and business administration at the EPF Lausanne and held different entrepreneurial positions in the fields of optical sensor technology and metal 3D printing. At Blickfeld, Christian is responsible for business development and sales as Vice President.


Christian Waizenegger

Vice President Industry Sales & Business Development

Grégory Poillion’s career is paved with multiple experiences in the Automotive sector, spanning different functions, products and cultures. Throughout his professional path, the mechanical engineer switched lanes towards leadership positions in business development and is Blickfeld’s Vice President Sales & Business Development IoT France & Mobility.


Grégory Poillion

Vice President Sales & Business Development IoT France & Mobility

As a technology and manufacturing sales industry veteran, Patrick Pylypuik and his team build critical relationships with new and existing customers in North America. Before joining Blickfeld, Patrick was Vice President of Sales at Symbio Robotics and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Publicly traded autonomous vehicle supplier NAVYA Group. He also held executive Sales and COO positions at Kibo Partners, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company, B2X Global Group, Blackmore Partners, Inc., and Fullfillment.com.

Patrick Pylypuik

Patrick L. Pylypuik

Head of Sales North America

Mike Yang graduated Peking University with Bachelor Degrees in Electronics and Economy, and has earned his Electrical Engineering Master Degree in the USA. The business management and optoelectronics expert has more than twenty years of experience in various positions. Mike Yang has held roles in engineering, marketing and sales, as well as a Country Head and Managing Director at companies like General Electric, Osram,Valeo Sylvania, and Tridonic.


Mike Yang

Head of Sales China

Lisa Peter is Blickfeld’s Team Lead for Cube Manufacturing. Lisa brings her professional experience as a goldsmith to the assembly of Blickfeld's LiDAR sensors in the form of precision and fine motor skills.

Lisa Peter

Lisa Peter

Team Lead Assembly

Stefan Lehner is Blickfeld’s Head of Customer Success. After studying Engineering and Management at TU Munich he gained broad experience in project management and technology consultation. At Blickfeld, he held the position of Head of Project and Product Management, before moving into Customer Success.

Stefan Lehner

Stefan Lehner

Head of Customer Success

Dr. Silvia Moyses-Scheingruber studied Economics and Business Administration in Milan and Rotterdam and obtained her Ph.D. in the field of M&A and family business research at University of Trier. Silvia worked several years as management consultant for a Munich-based consultancy company and at Blickfeld she is responsible for Corporate Strategy, Investor and Board Relations.

Silvia Moyes Scheingruber

Dr. Silvia Moyses-Scheingruber

Head of Corporate Strategy, Investors and Board Relations

Dr. Dominic Lakatos is Blickfeld’s Head of Control Systems and – together with his team - responsible for feedback control of the MEMS mirrors. He received his Ph.D. in control theory and theoretical mechanics from the Technical University of Munich and gained experience as researcher in robot mechanics, design, and control with the DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics.

Dominic Lakatos

Dr. Dominic Lakatos

Head of Control Systems

Before joining Blickfeld, Dr. Christian Wawra worked as a software developer and project manager at different companies with a focus on test systems, production tracking, and customer solutions. At Blickfeld, he is responsible for production and application software.

Christian Wawra

Dr. Christian Wawra

Team Lead Application and Production Software

After studying Mechanical Engineering at KIT and TUM, Juan Hasbun Wood worked developing test rigs for hydrogen storage systems at ET EnergieTechnologie GmbH. He then joined the Systems Metrology Division at Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, where he was responsible for an EUV-Source used in the field of mask inspection. At Blickfeld, he is responsible for the Validation & Testing Team.

Juan Wood

Juan Hasbun Wood

Team Lead Testing & Validation

Blickfeld’s head of Object Recognition, Dr. Hamidreza Houshiar, has gained significant experience in the field of point cloud processing and robotics at Jacobs University Bremen and Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg prior to joining Blickfeld. He studied Information Technology in Iran before moving to Germany to pursue his studies and obtain his Ph.D.

Hamidreza Houshiar

Dr. Hamidreza Houshiar

Head of Object Recognition

After gaining a degree in media studies from the University of Tübingen, Ricarda worked as a B2B marketing manager for a German SME before joining a Munich-based PR agency, where she advised large IT and Industry clients on their communication strategies. Ricarda joined Blickfeld in 2019, where she was responsible for PR, Content & Online Marketing before moving into her current role as the Marketing team lead.


Ricarda Sandmeir

Team Lead Marketing

Thomas Scherg has gathered experience in different positions throughout his career, including working for Siemens VDO as quality engineer, for Nokia Siemens Network as TQM manager and for Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge in Central Quality as Quality Manager. At Blickfeld, he is responsible for quality and customer support.

Thomas Scherg

Thomas Scherg

Head of Quality Management

Before joining Blickfeld, David Koller worked on the development and industrialization of high-resolution load cell electronics for the industry and laboratory division of Mettler Toledo in Switzerland. At Blickfeld, he is responsible for electronics and mechanics hardware development.

David koller

David Koller

Team Lead Electronics Development

Dr Michael Schardt studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Munich and obtained his Ph.D. on spectrometers for the mid-infrared region. During his doctorate, he developed spectroscopy solutions suitable for industrial applications. Michael brings this expertise to Blickfeld as head of the optics team.

Michael Schardt

Dr. Michael Schardt

Head of Optics

Uwe Bureick holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Hochschule Munich. He has significant experience in various management positions in IT, purchasing, logistics, production and supply chain management in industries such as laser technology, metrology, sensor systems and medical technology. At Blickfeld, he is responsible for production and supply chain management.


Uwe Bureick

Head of Production and Supply Chain Management

After his studies in mechanical engineering Helmut Gerbeck has worked for different automotive companies such as Webasto, Siemens VDO, and Continental. He founded a business consulting company in 2011 and worked with different customers in optic and automotive industries. Helmut is Blickfeld’s Head of Industrialization.

Helmut Gerbeck

Helmut Gerbeck

Head of Industrialization

Doychin Tsanev is a machine learning and deep learning expert. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Stuttgart and has worked in various positions in the field of deep learning. Most recently, he held the position as Lead of LiDAR Perception Development at Hyundai Mobis, where he built perception technologies based on camera, LiDAR and imaging radar sensors. In his role at Blickfeld, he drives the AI Perception and Data Analytics division.

Doychin Tsanev

Doychin Tsanev

Head of AI

Andreas Rusche is Blickfeld’s Team Lead Mechanics. After studying aeronautical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich he gained experience developing piezoelectric nanopositioning devices for harsh environments such as cryogenic temperatures or ultra-high vacuum, and as a team lead in production engineering.

Andreas Rusche

Andreas Rusche

Team Lead Mechanics

Renu obtained her master’s degree in the area of VLSI Design from Banasthali University. Before joining Blickfeld, she worked as a Research Associate at the Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, where she was involved in developing a MEMS technology-based vibration energy harvester. She joined Blickfeld in 2020 and currently leads the MEMS team.



Team Lead MEMS

In 2013 Johannes Meßmer started working as a freelancer with a focus on web applications and automation solutions. After successfully writing his master's thesis in computer science at the Technical University of Munich, he joined Blickfeld in 2018. Since August 2021, he has taken on the Team Lead Embedded Software role.


Johannes Meßmer

Head of Embedded Software

Jürgen Scherschmidt started his automotive career at Continental AG in 2005 and has since gained extensive experience as Lead Engineer and Team Lead at companies such as Bourns Automotive and Webasto SE. Jürgen holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering. At Blickfeld he is responsible for System Engineering.


Jürgen Scherschmidt

Team Lead System Engineering

After completing his business administration studies, Tilman Röder worked in various purchasing and purchasing-related functions at Siemens, OSRAM and Ericsson in the automotive, industrial and consumer sectors. As Blickfeld’s Head of Procurement, he covers everything, from direct material in the electronic, mechanic and optical area to indirect materials and services.


Tilman Röder

Head of Procurement


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