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Volume Monitoring

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For many industries, accurate level sensing and precise volume monitoring of various materials is a prominent element in overall business and supply chain planning.

Blickfeld’s Volume Monitoring solution based on unique 3D LiDAR technology enables a host of applications, such as stockpile monitoring, silo level sensing, and various application scenarios in the logistics sector. On-demand measurements and volume monitoring with remote access across multiple locations digitize your organization and make trading of materials smarter and more efficient.

Digital material monitoring and management

Support in daily business operations

By providing highly current and reliable insights into asset quantities present in value streams, plant managers, dispatchers and accountants are supported in their daily tasks, reducing the effort and cost related to measuring and reporting of volumes.

Digitalization of the whole value chain

With accurate Volume Monitoring providing 24/7 overview of material stocks, users gain overall control of their facility, creating transparency for various relevant departments involved. 

Efficient trading of materials

Accurate stock data enables better forecasting of resources and leveraging of storage capacity. Therefore, supply chain processes can be triggered in time and automatically, ensuring the ability to meet contractually promised volumes and timelines.

Avoidance of production interruptions

The automation of manual processes prevent human errors in estimating volumes, ensuring smooth (production) processes and avoiding revenue losses caused by missing supplies.

Blickfeld SOLUTION
Stockpile Volume Monitoring

Find out how Blickfeld’s LiDAR-based Stockpile Volume Monitoring solution captures 3D volume data in real-time.


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Waste Recycling

Continuously determine waste situations in bunkers in real-time and with high accuracy – Blickfeld’s digital solution enables efficient waste disposition and economical plant operation. The 3D volume data not only improves the utilization of materials recovery facilities but also provides the accounting and logistics departments with a reliable source of data to more easily comply with material storage regulations. With on-demand data access, waste companies can better forecast resources and leverage more storage capacity. This not only helps to plan the throughput of material better but also optimize internal logistics processes across sites.

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Volume monitoring with the Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of applications.

Stockpile Monitoring

Silo Volume Monitoring

Pallet Dimensioning

Case Studies

LiDAR technology is used in various applications every day. Find a selection of customers who use Blickfeld technology to make their business safer, smarter and more efficient.

Quvo – Levenseat Renewable Energy: Optimized waste material management thanks to volume monitoring with LiDAR

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH: Demand-driven waste stream management in incineration plants based on volume monitoring with LiDAR

How to efficiently manage your material with LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring

Companies with inaccurate data on their material inventories run the risk of selling too much or too little. A volume monitoring solution based on 3D LiDAR data can solve this problem.

Find out how to incorporate this solution into your warehouse structures in five simple steps in our whitepaper.


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Shaping the future of waste management together

Discover how Quvo Ltd., a key partner of Blickfeld, utilizes our LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring Solution to enhance the efficiency of waste and recycling management in the UK and Northern Ireland here

Ready to join the success? Become our partner and digitalize Volume Monitoring with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cube 1 sensors ship with a mounting bracket that provides a standard 1/4″”-UNC camera thread.
For Qb2 sensors, Blickfeld offers different mounting options, including a camera mount that provides a standard 1/4″”-UNC camera thread and a pan tilt mount which allows for flexible mounting of both Qb2 variants to both walls and poles. Contact for further information.

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors are offered with IP6X-rated housings, which are dust-proof. Additionally, dust can affect the performance of the sensor in two ways. In the air, dust can increase the false detection rate of LiDAR sensors. However, Blickfeld sensors perform very well in such scenarios, as long-term installations inside waste facility bunkers, silos, and similar locations have shown. Additionally, dust can settle on the optical aperture of the sensor, which decreases the detection range. However, this is only a problem in extreme cases, such as inside silos containing powdered substances. For such cases, Blickfeld can offer a pneumatic cleaning as an add-on to the sensor.

No additional software is needed to configure and operate the sensors except for a recent internet browser.

More about LiDAR

You would like to learn more about LiDAR technology and its possible applications? Contact us! Together we will find the right sensor solution for your application.

Schedule a meeting right away or give us a call – we are happy to assist you. 

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