Accurate on-demand stockpile monitoring

Accurate level sensing and volumetric monitoring of bulk materials is an important driver for on time planning, manufacturing, and delivery. With Blickfeld’s volumetric monitoring solution, you can continuously monitor volumes in real time, enabling you to digitally manage your inventory across multiple locations. On-demand measurements with remote access digitize your organization and make it smarter and more efficient.

Digital inventory monitoring and management


High data accuracy leads to accurate inventory overview


Large area coverage with small number of sensors due to the sensor’s large field of view


Easy implementation in customer’s IT landscape thanks to APIs


Small and durable sensors for rough application conditions

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Volume Monitoring Using LiDAR Revolutionizing Industries

This blog discusses why LiDAR is a perfect fit for volume monitoring in multiple industries and how it is helping change the world one application at a time.


Waste Recycling

Retrieve material volumes on demand – without having to hire external service providers and wait for data. Waste volumes can be recorded at any time with just a few clicks to be transmitted to the relevant authorities or distributed to other facilities.


Volumetric monitoring with the Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of applications.

Stockpile Monitoring

Monitor the volume of any product that is stored in cone-shaped stockpiles.

Bulk Material Monitoring

Monitor the volume of products that are stored in bins or bunkers.

Case Studies

LiDAR technology is used in various applications every day. Find a selection of customers who use Blickfeld technology to make their business safer, smarter and more efficient.

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors measure volume of bulk material piles

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Cube 1

LiDAR for wide FoV applications


Innovative perception software to translate LiDAR data into actionable insight

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