Volume Monitoring

Accurate and on-demand

For many industries, accurate level sensing and precise volume monitoring of various materials is a prominent element in overall business and supply chain planning. Blickfeld’s volumetric monitoring solution based on unique 3D LiDAR technology enables a host of applications, such as stockpile volume monitoring, silo level sensing, and various application scenarios in the logistics sector. On-demand measurements and volume monitoring with remote access across multiple locations digitize your organization and make trading of materials smarter and more efficient.

Digital material monitoring and management


Multi-sensor functionality enabling large area coverage

Real-time and continuous volume data generation


Easy implementation into the customer’s IT landscape


Accurate and reliable overview of material volumes


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Volume Monitoring can streamline supply chains in the Waste Recycling industry

Retrieve material volumes on demand – without having to hire external service providers and wait for data. Waste volumes can be recorded at any time with just a few clicks to be transmitted to the relevant authorities or distributed to other facilities.


Volumetric monitoring with the Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of applications.

Stockpile Monitoring

Silo Monitoring

Pallet Dimensioning


How to efficiently manage your material with LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring

Companies with inaccurate data on their material inventories run the risk of selling too much or too little. A volume monitoring solution based on 3D LiDAR data can solve this problem.

Find out how to incorporate this solution into your warehouse structures in five simple steps in our whitepaper.

Case Studies

LiDAR technology is used in various applications every day. Find a selection of customers who use Blickfeld technology to make their business safer, smarter and more efficient.

Demand-driven management of waste flows in incineration plants based on volume monitoring with LiDAR

Optimizing material recovery through LiDAR-based waste monitoring

More about LiDAR

You would like to learn more about LiDAR technology and its possible applications? Contact us! Together we will find the right sensor solution for your application.

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