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Blickfeld partners with CubiQ to eliminate measurement errors in the logistics industry to increase revenue and reduce costs

  • Blickfeld announces a strategic partnership with robotics technology company, CubiQ, to efficiently automate and digitalize warehouse incoming and outgoing processes.
  • CubiQ freight measurement solutions with integrated Blickfeld Cube 1 LiDAR sensors are offered under the name CubiQ-X, delivering dimensional weight (DIM) in less than two seconds and providing up to 99 percent accuracy.
  • CubiQ-X is the only system on the market that can measure pallets secured with black stretch wrap and isn’t affected by reflective light conditions.
  • 200 CubiQ Systems have already been installed and are operational globally for companies like Procter & Gamble and DHL and can be updated to CubiQ-X for even better performance. 

Blickfeld, the Munich-based manufacturer of break-through LiDAR sensor solutions is announcing its partnership with CubiQ, a company developing cutting-edge technology for the automation of logistic processes. Blickfeld’s Cube 1 sensors will be integrated into CubiQ’s warehouse management solutions. The LiDAR-enhanced systems will be named CubiQ-X.

CubiQ-X measurement system

A measurement system with unique capabilities

CubiQ-X offers warehouses a solution with unprecedented precision for calculating the dimension of objects. The 3D dimensioning system provides the length, width, height, weight and photographic image of the product in less than two seconds. It also scans barcodes and uses natural language processing to read text on labels. CubiQ-X is, thanks to the capabilities of Blickfeld´s Cube 1 sensor, the only system on the market which can measure pallets secured with black stretch wrap and isn’t affected by reflective light conditions. The solution is technology agnostic and thus can integrate with any ERP or WMS.

Leading companies worldwide already rely on CubiQ

CubiQ is the leading solution for dimension issues in Latin America and is being used by global companies like the US-based consumer goods group, Procter & Gamble; the German parcel express service, DHL; the Chilean cargo airline, Latam Cargo; Colombia’s largest airline, Avianca; the Italy-based global industrial conglomerate, CPS Group; and the US-based warehousing and logistics service provider, Magnum Logistics.


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CubiQ-X – Optimize your warehouse

Patrick Pylypuik, Vice President of Sales, Blickfeld North America, comments: “CubiQ has created an unfair advantage for its customers in highly competitive industries. Forward-thinking logistic companies, especially Freight Forwarders, Couriers, and Airlines, are selecting CubiQ not only for its ability to formulate DIM accurately in less than two seconds but also to see ROI in 30 days. The low cost of entry and ease of use make the CubiQ-X by CubiQ Technologies, a must-have for any business that manages freight in 2023.”

Camilo García, CEO of CubiQ says: “We are very pleased to be able to take our well-established system to an even higher level with Blickfeld’s LiDAR sensors. Our customers will benefit greatly from the extremely fast available data. Their processes will be more automated and digitalized – reducing the lead time to clients by up to 60 percent and reducing operating costs by up to 80 percent. In logistics, speed, accuracy and reliability play a key role, and Blickfeld LiDAR sensors improve all these parameters enormously. Also, our Software-as-a-Service business model makes CubiQ an OpEx investment and as such reduces the financing risk and the tax load.”

About CubiQ

Founded in 2018 in Medellín, Colombia, CubiQ is a company that develops robotic technology using intelligence and artificial vision, for the automation and digitalization of warehouse inbound and outbound processes.

We are committed to achieving a world where logistics is more productive through the automation of processes, in a SIMPLE and transparent way for everyone.

Our clients’ main benefits are:

• Increase turnover up to 3 times
• Reduce operating costs by up to 80%
• Increase employee productivity by up to 200%.

We work mainly with industries in the logistics sector, such as Couriers, Freight forwarders, CPG and airlines.




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