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“I am excited about the various application areas and advantages for customers.”

A conversation with Mike Yang, General Manager of Blickfeld Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Mike Yang became part of the Blickfeld management team as Head of Sales China, and in this chat, he shares his plans for the Chinese market and one of his most valuable learnings from the past years.

Can you tell us about yourself and your career so far in a few sentences?

With my background in electronics and economics, I started out working as an engineer in the US, became a product manager, and eventually regional and country head for several big multinational companies in China. In the course of the last 20 years, I have been working at companies such as General Electric, Osram, and Valeo Sylvania, just to name a few.

What motivated you to join Blickfeld?

From the first moment I got in touch with Blickfeld, I could feel the team’s passion for technology and their drive. The potential application areas of the innovation and high quality of the Blickfeld solutions are impressive and bring great advantages to customers. That immediately made me interested in joining the team and becoming a part of the journey. Looking back at my career path, I have always worked for industry leaders with established products, so starting a local branch from scratch and bringing this new technology to market is an exciting challenge for me.

What is your role at Blickfeld? What experience do you bring into your new role?

As general manager of the China office in Shanghai, I am responsible for business development and sales. So, over the past months, I have set up the company, recruited a great team, and started to build valuable connections through my industrial network and beyond. Since I held various positions, from regional to managing director in tech companies, most of them based in German-speaking countries, I know how to link the local market with the headquarters successfully. Also, thanks to those experiences, I know how to motivate people and deal with different challenges under various circumstances.

What are your plans for Sales & Business Development in China?

We are currently setting up and creating our partner network in different cities and regions to significantly enhance our operational capabilities and service efficiencies within the market. At the same time, we are building up Blickfeld’s brand recognition, and reputation in China as the LiDAR market is quite competitive. Opening our local office was an essential step in entering the market and is a testament to the high importance Blickfeld places on the Chinese market.

In terms of industries, we are targeting multiple industries in China due to the market diversity. Right now, we see great opportunities for LiDAR-based volume monitoring, industrial automation, and security applications, which enable companies to digitize their processes and increase their efficiencies.

What is your most valuable learning from the last few years?

That is a great question. Reflecting upon the past years, I believe teamwork and communication are critical success factors. In my role, I need to unite internal stakeholders within the company across continents and external partners, which only works through effective communication and efficient collaboration.

What is your favorite place (in the world)?

This is not easy to answer. I have been to almost all continents and seen a lot of different places, but I have to say my favorite place is Beijing. First, it’s my hometown and offers great culinary experiences. Secondly, the city manages to harmonize rich history well beyond the forbidden city or the great wall and modernity, which is reflected in the buildings and the infrastructure. Also, I like that you can experience all the seasons, with fall being my favorite one in the city. I highly recommend going there during that time!



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