End-to-end solution for threat detection and alarm generation

LiDAR sensors capture high-resolution 3D data to precisely detect objects’ size, direction, and velocity in their field of view. They outperform current security devices in all lighting and atmospheric conditions and are very hard to compromise or hack.

The complementary software “Percept” analyzes the high-resolution point clouds in real-time to enable easy definition and monitoring of boundaries and zones and accurate object detection. All these qualities make them a perfect fit for various security applications.

Privacy-sensitive intrusion detection system with low false-alarm-rates


Detection of objects’ size and location serves as a basis for alarm thresholds and leads to low false alarm rates


3D environment detection ensures anonymous data collection


Intrinsic light source enables day and night operation


The solid-state sensor’s high durability leads to low maintenance costs


Security Zones

Learn in this video how to easily set up and configure virtual zones in Blickfeld’s Percept software to trigger an alarm once objects enter the zone.


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Critical Infrastructure Security System

Critical Infrastructure like power plants, solar parks, or transformer stations needs to be secured to ensure the country’s safety in an emergency. Unauthorized personnel must not enter the premises as to not manipulate any facilities or equipment. To ensure the activation of security personnel, it is crucial to keep false-alarm rates to a minimum. LiDAR-based solutions are the best choice because 3D data enables robust thresholding based on the object size. With configurable localized alarm zones, vegetation and other sources of false alarms can be easily excluded.


Object Detection and tracking with the Blickfeld LiDAR solution enables a host of security applications.

Fence Security

Detect whether someone is trying to climb your fence

Facade Surveillance

Secure your building by surveilling the façade

Perimeter Security

Monitor perimeters and trigger alarms if intruders are detected

Indoor Surveillance

Secure valuable items or complete areas indoors

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LiDAR Security Systems: Making the World a Safer Place

3D LiDAR-based security systems have greater reliability, reduced false alarms, and therefore higher levels of security. In this blog we outline several use cases and explain how they function.

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