3D LiDAR-based perimeter protection



The LiDAR security system captures precise 3D data, allowing it to accurately detect the size, movement direction, and speed of objects within its field of view. This system relies on the reliability of the collected information to trigger an alarm only when an object truly enters the security perimeter, ensuring minimal false-alarm-rates.

LiDAR sensors surpass previous security solutions by consistently delivering high-quality data in various lighting and weather conditions. Additionally, they offer robust resistance to compromise or hacking. The three-dimensional nature of the data facilitates privacy-compliant monitoring of properties and buildings across diverse industries while their camera-like handling enables an easy replacement of legacy technology with minimal effort. 

The accompanying software analyzes the real-time, high-resolution point clouds. This software enables easy zone definition, observation, and accurate object detection. With these exceptional features, the LiDAR security system provides a dependable solution for ensuring reliable security.

Accurate alarm generation with minimal false alarms




Zone Monitoring

Fence Monitoring

Facade Surveillance

Key Benefits

Significant reduction in false alarms

Experience a remarkable decrease in false alarms, thanks to our innovative features such as the cluster zone for alarm generation based on true object size, the exclusion zone, precise threat location pinpointing on a map, and accurate detection of object size and movement direction.

Seamless integration into existing systems

With their camera-like handling, these sensors require no additional expertise for installation and configuration. They seamlessly integrate with existing security systems.

Reliable detection even in harsh environments

Thanks to their solid-state design with an absence of rotating parts and an IP67-rated housing, our sensors offer durability and ruggedness, resulting in minimal maintenance and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications.


Privacy-compliant data

By collecting only anonymized 3D data, our solution ensures that no conclusions can be drawn about individuals in the monitored area, making it compliant with data protection regulations.


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Security Zones

Learn in this video how to easily set up and configure virtual zones in Blickfeld’s Percept software to trigger an alarm once objects enter the zone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

QbProtect is based on Qb2 hardware, with a specially designed software explicitly for security applications. Users are able to configure their own security zones as well as alarm logic for reliable alarm generation customized to their needs. Users can use our pre-configured flows in order to adapt e.g. data transmissions and corresponding alarm configurations.

QbProtect can be integrated into your own existing systems via common interfaces (via TCP/IP & MQTT in VMS or Web I/Os, etc.).

QbProtect is able to detect objects based on their true object size via pre-defined parameters that specify the size of an object (distinction between small object, human, big object). Therefore, an exact statement can be made on what kind of object has triggered a detection/intrusion.

More about LiDAR

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