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Focus on the customer: The Blickfeld Customer Service Team

A conversation with Fabian Wagner, Customer Service Engineer at Blickfeld

At Blickfeld, Customer Service is more than just a service – it is a driving force for customer satisfaction and product enhancement. The team plays a key role when it comes to not only responding to queries but also proactively creating solutions for our customers. To find out more about the team’s multifaceted tasks, we spoke to Fabian Wagner.

How would you describe the key tasks and responsibilities of Customer Service at Blickfeld? Can you give us an overview of your day-to-day work?

The tasks in Customer Service are very diverse. Our daily operations revolve around addressing customer queries, documenting them, and resolving issues. This may pertain directly to the device, the setup for a specific application, or the software. We coordinate device replacements, execute repairs, and rigorously test all functions of the LiDAR sensors and software products. This comprehensive approach ensures we offer the best possible support, understanding our customers’ inquiries. Additionally, we provide online training as part of our onboarding process, guiding customers through software installations, for instance.

Can you give us a few examples of queries Blickfeld customers approach Customer Service with?

Customer queries range from ensuring correct time synchronization and installing Percept software to configuring the MQTT output of data. Common questions include, “Which scan pattern is suitable for my application?” or “How can I save or convert point cloud data into specific formats?”.

Which departments do you collaborate with within your role?

Our collaboration extends across almost all teams and departments within the company, providing significant benefits. As part of the Customer Success team, we maintain close ties with Field Application Engineers and Sales, occasionally assisting with small customer projects featuring unique use cases. In these instances, collaboration with our development teams becomes essential, especially when addressing specific software requirements.

Can you share an example of a successful customer project and elaborate on how Customer Service contributed to it?

In a project for a university in Austria, our LiDAR sensors and Percept are employed to monitor a riverbed, observing volume changes. I assisted the customer in setting up NTP time synchronization and the Percept software. I also aided in installing individual LiDAR sensors, offering additional tips on optimizing the solution. Witnessing customers effectively utilizing our technology to resolve their challenges is great.

What was the most extraordinary experience you have had in a customer project?

While it occurred some time ago, we had a specialized version of our Cube 1 LiDAR sensor utilized underwater to locate World War II munitions. The point clouds facilitated the detection and successful recovery of the bombs. Another intriguing instance involved a customer utilizing our sensor for motion detection in video games.

What information or resources are available to customers to facilitate the installation and operation of our LiDAR devices?

Our customers have access to various resources, including Quick Start Guides for a swift introduction, comprehensive operating instructions for hardware and software, and product-related videos. Specialized instructions on topics such as ROS drivers, MQTT, or time synchronization are available upon request. Our team is reachable through email, telephone, or video chat. We also conduct informative webinars and maintain a detailed FAQ on our website for deeper insights.

Thank you, Fabian!



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