Leverage the value of 3D data with Blickfeld Percept

Blickfeld’s innovative and easy-to-use perception software empowers everyone to understand and leverage data from Blickfeld’s LiDAR sensors, turning raw data into actionable insights for real-world applications.

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Blickfeld’s groundbreaking software product empowers users to unlock the full potential of raw point cloud LiDAR data by transforming it into actionable insights, all conveniently accessible within their web browser. Leveraging powerful algorithms and our Percept API, extracting value from advanced 3D data becomes even more streamlined, enabling the seamless creation of continuous real-time data processing workflows. By opting for Percept, users gain access to Blickfeld’s cutting-edge data analysis modules, renowned for their proven track record and state-of-the-art capabilities. This flexibility allows users to choose the modules that best align with their specific needs, ensuring optimal results.

With Blickfeld Percept, even individuals with limited or no prior knowledge in 3D data processing can effortlessly develop scalable solutions across diverse applications, including crowd analytics, volume monitoring, perimeter security, and comprehensive crowd behavior analysis. Experience the power of Blickfeld Percept and unleash the possibilities of 3D data like never before.

Working with LiDAR data was never easier.


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Simplified workflows

Percept turns raw point cloud 3D data into actionable insights, all within your web browser. The intuitive user interface, powerful algorithms, project setup wizard, and the Percept API simplify value extraction from advanced 3D perception, accelerating your time to market and saving costs on in-house expertise.

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Multi-LiDAR data fusion

With Percept, data from multiple Blickfeld LiDAR sensors can be easily merged. This not only allows coverage of larger areas but also object tracking when transitioning between point clouds generated by different devices.

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Drag & drop zones

Perception zones for applications like object detection, entry and exit tracking, volume monitoring, and occupancy can be easily set up and configured using Percept’s intuitive user interface.

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Reduced data load

Percept reduces data loads by intelligent point cloud data management. For example, the processing software uses frames of reference to identify which points in the scene are static, leaving only dynamic points to be transferred.

For all solution builders

Blickfeld Percept LiDAR software empowers customers who use static sensors for their applications. With its spatial intelligence and configurable alerts, customers can create solutions across industries such as industrial automation, security, and crowd analytics. The software’s user-friendly interface and extensive documentation streamline the development process, making it an ideal choice for innovative projects.


Object detection and tracking

Movement-based detection and tracking of objects including velocity information. Paths of tracked objects are visualized in the x-y plane.

Object classification

Point cluster-based classification. Object classification classes include: Person, Bicycle, and Vehicle.

Object counting

Zone-based counting. Counting options include total number, objects passing through, and objects appearing and disappearing.

Occupancy detection

Configurable point cluster-based occupancy detection.

Volume computation

Configurable point cluster-based volume measurement.

Zone entry detection

Configurable point cluster-based zone entry detection and alarm generation.

Our LiDAR perception software provides a versatile solution by offering a configurable MQTT or file-based data output API. Users can seamlessly integrate the software into their IoT ecosystem, effortlessly retrieve LiDAR data, and utilize it in real-time applications or store it in files for future analysis.

Sample application areas

Volume Monitoring


Crowd Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blickfeld Percept offers versatile solutions for various industries, including industrial automation, security, crowd analytics, and intelligent transportation systems.

Blickfeld Percept is compatible with the Cube 1 LiDAR sensor and runs on-device with the Qb2 LiDAR sensor.

To integrate Blickfeld Percept into your LiDAR setup, follow specific installation steps based on your Blickfeld sensor device: For Cube 1 devices, set up Docker, load the Percept image, and run docker-compose up. Qb2 devices don’t require separate installation. Access the Percept Web Interface after installation. To fully integrate Percept, utilize its versatile output options like file storage (JSON/Protocol Buffer) or MQTT for real-time data. Detailed instructions are available in the official documentation, and expert assistance is on hand for your LiDAR needs.