Volume Monitoring Solution

Accurate on-demand volumetric monitoring of bulk materials

Digital volume monitoring of bulk materials based on 3D LiDAR technology

Accurate volume measurement is considered a key component of material inventory tracking and material management. However, inventory monitoring in powder and bulk storage facilities is a challenge for many industries, as existing mechanical systems or manual estimates do not provide the required accuracy.

Blickfeld’s 3D LiDAR technology and complementary software enables efficient digital inventory management across multiple locations through accurate and reliable real-time data to continuously support demand, production and distribution planning.

Volume Monitoring Point Cloud


Solution Architecture


3D LiDAR Sensor

Blickfeld’s high-resolution 3D-LiDAR sensors continuously collect data and produce point clouds that map the sensor environment in 3D. 

Blickfeld Software VoMo

On-Device Software

The associated software analyzes this data on-device and outputs exact volume information on-demand.

Blickfeld Dashboard

Blickfeld offers a customized dashboard that displays volume data in a user-friendly way. This data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Key Specifications

Technical data Qb2
Field of view (H x V)*
90° x 50°
Typ. application range
1-100 m
Frame rate
1 – 50 Hz depending on configured scan pattern
Laser class
Class 1, eye-safe (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Ingress protection
Dimensions (H x W x D)**
ca. 75 mm x 111 mm x 83 mm
ca. 535 g
Voltage input
Power over Ethernet (PoE); IEEE 802.3at Type 1
Power consumption
Typ. 10 W; max. 13 W
* Configurable via web user interface

** Without cables or antenna attached

On-device Software
Output interfaces*
JSON or Protobuf format over MQTT
Integrated web interfaces
Interactive 3D LiDAR point cloud visualization; Device configuration / setup; Volume zone placement and configuration; Interface / output specification
Data output**
Volume data in cubic meters (m³, two decimal places)
* Integration into ERP systems and cloud possible. Output interface can be adapted on request.

** Blickfeld offers data output customization including e.g., a dashboard, data pipeline integration, and data analytics.

Specifications are subject to change without notice

Solution Details

Blickfeld QbProtect 3D LiDAR sensor


Qb2 wifi antenna

Detachable WiFi antenna

Qb2 Quick start manual

Safety & Compliance manual

Service & Support


Blickfeld’s solutions extend beyond LiDAR sensors and software. Our consulting services are tailored to help our customers optimize their technology investment. We provide feasibility studies that consider factors such as environmental conditions and mounting possibilities. Our team of experts designs the optimal sensor layout to ensure maximum coverage and accuracy. We offer data architecture concepts and guidance on data provisioning to streamline your workflows. And, we provide remote maintenance support to minimize downtime and keep our customer’s solutions running smoothly.

Customer support

At Blickfeld, we take customer support seriously. We offer a range of support services to ensure that our customers get the most out of their Blickfeld solutions. Our remote installation and commissioning support ensures the solution is up and running quickly, while our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level customer service provides prompt and effective support for any issues or questions. We also offer site visits to provide hands-on assistance. 

Our support team is available during German working days and hours, from 9 am to 5 pm CET, to provide the help our customers need, when they need it.

Trials & Pilots

At Blickfeld, we understand that trying new technology can be intimidating. That’s why we offer trials and pilots to help our customers evaluate our solutions and ensure that they meet all needs. Our team will help with designing a trial or pilot program that suits our customers’ specific use case. 

Shaping the future of waste management together

Discover how Quvo Ltd., a key partner of Blickfeld, utilizes our LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring Solution to enhance the efficiency of waste and recycling management in the UK and Northern Ireland here

Ready to join the success? Become our partner and digitalize Volume Monitoring with us. 

More about Volume Monitoring

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