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Blickfeld partners with Quvo Limited for the waste and recycling industry in the UK

Blickfeld continues to expand its partner network with Quvo being the latest addition. The company, led by industry experts Allan and Ross Kane, offers Blickfeld’s LiDAR-based volume monitoring solution to players in the waste, recycling, and aggregates industry in the UK and Northern Ireland as an exclusive partner.

Waste and recycling companies often rely on manual volume measurement methods such as bucket or truckload counting and weighing or eyeballing waste stockpiles. These methods have high variations and can result in inaccurate inventory reports leading to operational and financial inefficiencies and accounting inaccuracies. LiDAR-based volume monitoring tackles this issue by providing accurate, on-demand data.

LiDAR-based volume monitoring
LiDAR sensors continuously scan the surface of the waste pile in 3D, thus drawing a precise image of the material. At the same time, the corresponding software determines the volume of the waste pile. So as soon as a truck or excavator dumps or takes away waste, the volume change is calculated and visible in the dashboard online in real-time or on-demand.

The benefits the Blickfeld solution brings to companies in the sector are not left unnoticed. Allan and Ross Kane have both worked in the waste industry as executives for more than 15 years and their latest company, Quvo Limited, now offers Blickfeld’s LiDAR-based volume monitoring solution to companies in the UK and Northern Ireland. “The waste management industry is fast-paced and companies are facing a variety of compliance and risk management requirements that need to be met”, shares Allan Kane. “The Blickfeld solution can make a significant difference by offering detailed material volume information.”


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Ross and Allan Kane sharing their insights on volume monitoring for the waste management industry

The first installations are successfully up and running in Scotland with further roll-outs planned for December. “The Blickfeld team provided first class support throughout the first projects. We look forward to bringing this new solution to the market at large to help waste and recycling management here in the UK become more efficient and digitize their operations step by step”, says Ross Kane.

 “We are very excited about this partnership. Thanks to their experience in the waste industry and their network in the UK and Northern Ireland, Allan and Ross know exactly what kinds of issues the companies are facing and which value our solution can bring to them”, shared Florian Petit, the co-founder of Blickfeld. “We look forward to digitizing UK’s waste management industry together with Quvo Limited!”



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