Scan your world

We give autonomous systems the eyes to see the world with our revolutionary LiDAR sensors and perception software


Cube 1

Smart wide field-of-view sensor for industrial applications

Cube Range 1

Smart extra long-range LiDAR for industrial applications

Vision Mini

Ultra-compact automotive LiDAR enabling surround view

Smart perception

LiDAR sensors reliably capture detailed 3D data about their environment. With complementing software, users can analyze and understand the LiDAR data and translate complex 3D information into features.

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors go hand in hand with software to offer a smart sensing solution, enabling real-world applications.

About us

We develop revolutionary scanning LiDAR systems and detection software for environment perception. Our unique solutions are pivotal to ground-breaking new perspectives in autonomous transportation, mapping, robotics, and smart cities.

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