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“Blickfeld has the opportunity to make a significant impact and I want to be part of it”

A conversation with Patrick Pylypuik , Head of Sales North America

Patrick Pylypuik joined the Blickfeld management team as Head of Sales North America in June. In this chat, he tells us what fascinates him about Blickfeld, what his plans for the US market look like, and he shares one of his most valuable learnings from the past years.

Can you tell us about yourself and your career in a few sentences?

Over the course of the last 25 years, I have built and led technology and manufacturing companies of various sizes. In these organizations, I was mostly working in sales or sales-related executive positions. Before joining Blickfeld, I worked in robotics as Vice President of Sales at Symbio Robotics, and prior to that I was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at publicly traded autonomous vehicle supplier NAVYA Group, to just name a few former positions. Fun side note: I was also an NHL-Hockey player.

What motivated you to join Blickfeld?

I was looking for an opportunity to join a tech company that drives and leads the new phase of innovation. With LiDAR being one of the key technologies for various industries, Blickfeld caught my attention. Especially when talking to the team about the technology and their highly compelling vision, it was clear to me that I wanted to become a part of the team. There are many opportunities for LiDAR technology in the US, so I’m excited to leverage those by creating and nurturing new relationships as well as building up the US division.

What is your role at Blickfeld? What experiences are you bringing into your role at Blickfeld?

As Head of Sales North America, I am creating the foundation of the expansion in the US by establishing operations and building a strong team to bring the Blickfeld LiDAR sensors to market. Especially when going to market with a disruptive technology, you need to understand how to sell a new product that is not established yet and what it entails. That’s where my past experiences with tech start-ups come in, as I have worked in various companies in different stages doing precisely that.

What was your first impression of Blickfeld?

My first impression was that the young team is highly motivated, committed, and fast-moving. Blickfeld has the opportunity to make a significant impact with its technology and the team is eager to pursue their goals.

What are your plans for Sales & Business Development in the US?

We are currently building our team here with business developers, systems engineers, and account executives to drive Blickfeld’s expansion. The focus will be on building critical relationships with new and existing customers and partners in the US for all applications. At the moment, we see a lot potential, particularly in industries such as mining, waste management, recycling, and such as well as any industry, that works with bulk materials, where reliable volume monitoring solutions are needed.

What is your most valuable learning from the last few years?

What I realized throughout the past years is that you are never ready – no matter if it is business related or on a personal level and that is not a bad thing. As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”, so you need to create a solid foundation, and then you just need to go. Hustle, be bold, look for opportunities, and make it happen.

What was the last book you read?

12 rules for Life by Jorden B. Peterson.



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