Blickfeld exhibition booth CES 2020

This was CES 2020

What comes after the hype? Real solutions are needed

While established trade shows are increasingly struggling for exhibitors and are forced to rethink their concepts, for many companies worldwide the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas has become the trade show not to be missed. Even the players of the automotive industry can now be found at CES rather than in Detroit or at the IAA. Why? Because the car is becoming more and more smartphone- and gadget-like. Autonomous applications have dominated the booths of mobility providers and car manufacturers in recent years, which is why Blickfeld has also been present at CES in the last couple of years – for the first time this year with its own booth in the Smart City area.

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Las Vegas CES fair

CES 2019 – All autonomous everything

If we had to summarize CES 2019 into one word it would be “autonomous”. Once again, this year’s major focus was on self-driving technology. The North Hall of CES was like a car show in itself, with manufacturers, suppliers and aftermarket electronics companies presenting their latest technologies. All variations could be found: be it driverless concept cars, robo-shuttles, self-driving trucks, ‘pods’ where you can interchange loads and of course, flying taxis. Passengers could even hail an autonomous car ride through the Lyft app throughout CES.

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