Vision Plus

Front-facing long-range LiDAR sensor for safe autonomous driving solutions.

Vision Plus is a long-range 3D-LiDAR that offers high-performance long-range detection. The front-facing LiDAR enables safe next level ADAS and AD for SAE Level 2 to Level 5. Thanks to its small dimensions and packaging adaptability, the sensor can be seamlessly integrated into vehicles.

Distinctive Features

Low power consumption

Long-range detection

Configurable scan pattern

Configurable frame rate

Resilience to sunlight & weather

Robustness against shock & vibration

Low system complexity & production scalable design

Target Specifications

Short Range
Long Range 1)
Detection range (x_max) at 90% TPR for 10% reflectivity pixel-filling target
> 100 m

> 150 m 1)
200 m
Detection limit
~ 300 m
~ 300 m
Horizontal field-of-view
Up to 107°
Up to 25°
Vertical field-of-view
Up to 35°
Up to 12°
Horizontal resolution
Vertical resolution 3)
Up to 20 Hz 2)
Power consumption Optronic
10 W
Weight Optronic
< 500 g

1) Virtual Protective Housing
2) Dependant on the selected resolution
3) Beam collimation and vertical resolution of 0.05° with optics variant

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