High-definition 200 scan line LiDAR images of Munich’s Siegestor

LiDARs send out rapid pulses of laser light. The pulses hit a surface, are reflected and return to the LiDAR. A detector then measures each pulse’s time of flight. Thereby, the LiDAR can calculate the distance between itself and the target with high accuracy. By repeating this in quick succession the LiDAR builds up a high-definition ‘point cloud’ of the scene it is measuring.

Blickfeld LiDARs are equipped with a proprietary silicon MEMS mirror, which is specifically designed for LiDAR applications. Besides features like long range and wide field of view, it allows you to adjust scanning parameters. So you can flexibly adjust the number of scan lines per frame, making it possible to create high definition images with up to 200 scan lines.

Blickfeld is the winner of this year’s DAHO.AM start-up competition

“You made it. You fought. You convinced. You deserve it.” Those words are written on the DAHO.AM start-up challenge’s winner certificate. And we are beyond proud to have them hanging in our office.

Blickfeld wins prestigious BMVI Pitch

At the 3rd BMVI Startup Pitch on July 5, 2018, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer honored innovative business ideas for mobility 4.0. Previously, Blickfeld and the other 19 finalists had the opportunity to present their ideas and business models to a top-class jury at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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