On-Demand Webinar: How to manage your stockpile material efficiently with LiDAR

Accurate stockpile monitoring is key to efficient operations in industries like waste management and recycling, fertilizer, or cement production. However, up until now, companies often rely on inaccurate inventory data due to measuring methods such as eyeballing, weighbridges, or counting shovels of materials. To address this challenge, Blickfeld Co-founder and CXO Florian Petit discussed in a recent webinar how LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring provides a digital solution that enables streamlined inventory control and digitalizes stockpile management.

The webinar highlighted several key takeaways:

  • LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring enables accurate inventory accounting creating transparency across departments thanks to 3D volume measurement of stockpile materials.
  • Real-time inventory data allows timely decision-making, preventing revenue losses by anticipating production and process interruptions.
  • Digitalizing your business with LiDAR can help reduce manual labor, save time and costs, and improve the accuracy and reliability of your data.

This on-demand webinar offers valuable insights for businesses looking to automate their processes and transfer their stockpile management into the digital age. Accessible at any time, it presents a convenient opportunity to learn more about the benefits of managing your stockpile materials efficiently with LiDAR.



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