Blickfeld Wrapped 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment, just like every year, to look back on the year at Blickfeld. In a time characterized by changes and challenges, we have taken significant steps as a company to drive innovation, strengthen partnerships, and establish our place in the changing industry landscape.

Industrialization of the Qb2

The year began with a significant milestone for Blickfeld – the successful start of production (SOP) of our smart LiDAR sensor, Qb2. For around 28 months, our dedicated team worked tirelessly with our production partner Fabrinet to develop and optimize the production line. It is a key moment for Blickfeld as our vision of a mass-produced, state-of-the-art LiDAR sensor has now become a reality!

LiDAR in Action: Insights into customer projects

This year, we have also implemented numerous exciting customer and research projects. For example, our LiDAR sensors were installed on the largest stage at the Rock am Ring festival to capture test data as part of the mFUND-funded LidarPredict project for event safety.

In addition, more and more companies are relying on LiDAR to monitor volumes. The advantages are obvious: previously, inventory data for bulk goods was only recorded using time-consuming methods or was even based on estimates. Thanks to Blickfeld Cube 1 sensors, EEW Energy from Waste GmbH, for instance, can now manage its waste streams in incineration plants better in line with demand. Levenseat Renewable Energy Ltd. also relies on LiDAR-based volume monitoring in its waste treatment plant. The company now receives precise, digital volume data in real-time, which enables better control over the stored material. As a result, logistics processes and processing volumes, among other things, are optimized, leading to an increase in overall operational efficiency.

Best of Technology Award

Award Ceremony

The advantages of our LiDAR-based volume monitoring solution were also recognized by the jury of this year’s “Best of Technology” award and Blickfeld was awarded first place! The objective of the competition was to find solutions that drive forward digitalization in an innovative and disruptive way. Thank you very much for this prestigious award from WirtschaftsWoche in the “Purchasing & Supply Chain” category!

A year full of events

2023 was as well all about events. Participating in various trade fairs around the world enabled us to connect with industry experts, customers, and partners directly. Our experts were also invited to speak at various industry associations. These events not only allowed us to strengthen our network but also to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments.

Not just as guests, but at the same time as event organizers, we have made our mark this year. The successful implementation of two webinars and an expert talk enabled us to create a platform for current topics, share our experiences, and promote an interactive exchange with participants from all over the world.

New growth capital

Led by NCF and UVC Partners, we are pleased that all existing investors are providing Blickfeld with additional growth capital to strengthen the international market presence of our industrial LiDAR solutions. Their commitment shows confidence in our products and our ability to deliver in large volumes and successfully execute large rollouts.

The year 2023 was without a doubt a year of development, innovation, and successful collaboration. We would like to thank our employees, customers, and partners for their support and look forward to an equally successful 2024!



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