BSFZ seal for research and development

Driving innovation: Blickfeld receives BSFZ Seal

Blickfeld has recently been honored with the BSFZ seal from the Bescheinigungsstelle-Forschungszulage (BSFZ). Under the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, this body recognizes companies that achieve significant technological advancements through their research and development efforts, making them eligible for support.

The primary goal of granting this seal is to encourage increased investment in research and development while bolstering Germany’s position as a competitive business hub. Following a thorough evaluation conducted by a panel of experts, Blickfeld has been granted a research grant, along with the associated seal, for developing a Smart 3D LiDAR prototype featuring advanced on-device data processing for use in various industrial applications. An important aspect was also the industrialization capability of the sensor, which was successfully achieved with the start of series production of the Qb2 in May 2023.

“We are tremendously delighted to receive this recognition, which underscores the innovation and unwavering commitment of our team to research and development. With the Qb2, we have created an all-in-one solution that immediately delivers value to businesses by providing reliable real-time data. In doing so, we are actively propelling the much-needed digitization and automation of processes across multiple industries, including logistics and the security sector.” shares Terje Noevig, Chief Operations Officer von Blickfeld.



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