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Highest security for critical infrastructure – Recommended reading

A central factor in the perimeter protection of private and public security areas is the reliable and early detection of intrusion attempts – in any weather and even in darkness. This is particularly essential in critical infrastructure to prevent sabotage, for example, against power and water supply facilities or the railway network.

Attacks on facilities that are highly significant to the population can lead not only to material damage but also to supply shortages and significant disruptions to public safety and order. Therefore, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior is currently working on a framework law for the physical protection of critical infrastructure, and operators of facilities in critical areas are also looking for effective security measures and technologies. For this purpose, LiDAR technology is increasingly in focus, which captures the environment in three dimensions and adds a crucial level of data to detect intruders and avoid false alarms through size recognition reliably.

Dr. Florian Petit, co-founder and CXO of Blickfeld discusses in a guest article for the trade magazine Protector and its online edition,, the contribution of 3D LiDAR technology to securing critical infrastructure.



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