Smart LiDAR Qb2

Blickfeld’s Smart LiDAR Qb2: Finalist for Best of Sensors Awards 2023, to Debut Live at Sensors Converge

Blickfeld will be showcasing the Smart LiDAR Qb2 – a finalist for the Best of Sensors Awards 2023 – live for the first time at the Sensors Converge 2023.

Blickfeld, a leading manufacturer of LiDAR solutions for industrial applications, will be showcasing the Smart LiDAR Qb2 live at the Sensors Converge trade fair in Santa Clara, California, from June 20 to 22, 2023 (Booth 704, Embedded Technologies Area). The Qb2, the industry-first Smart LiDAR sensor, enabling capturing and processing of 3D data on a single device, is among the finalists for the Best of Sensors Awards 2023.

Qb2 – the first Smart LiDAR

LiDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging) create 3D images of the environment using laser pulses. As an industry-first, the Blickfeld Smart LiDAR sensor Qb2 allows the processing of captured 3D data directly on the device. The sensor’s integrated compute module allows the Blickfeld Percept software stack to run on the device providing users with real-time data for various industries such as volume monitoring and security applications.

Finalist for the Best of Sensors Awards

The Qb2 is among the finalists for the Best of Sensors Awards 2023, which annually recognizes the most outstanding sensor technologies and experts. A panel of experts evaluates the submissions based on the technical relevance of the solution, market potential, and engineering creativity. The winners will be announced at Sensors Converge on June 21.



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