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Percept release 1.6 adds new functions to the volume measurement feature

Percept software version 1.6 adds a new reset value feature to the volume measurement zone and further improves general performance and stability requirements, including an improved user interface for managing large project setups.

Most important new and updated features in Percept 1.6:

  • The volume measurement feature now allows users to exclude the volume of static objects, like pillars or walls. Users can do so by manually resetting the value for volume measurement zones within the 3D live viewer.
  • For a more intuitive usage of the data output, the user interface for the zone outputs in the project visualization has been reworded.
  • To help users find suitable parameters more easily, predefined parameter sets for various use cases are now included on the ‘Configure Advanced Settings’ page. 
  • For more efficient management of multiple zones, performance improvements to the user interface have been made, making it simpler, faster, and more reactive for large project setups.
  • Autostart of selected projects with the start of Percept.

New feature in Percept 1.6: Manual reset of the volume in a defined zone

Find a complete overview of recent updates in the Percept User Manual.

About Percept

Blickfeld Percept translates raw LiDAR data into actionable insights and is specially designed to enable users with little or no prior know-how in 3D data processing to develop scalable solutions for a variety of purposes, such as crowd analytics and perimeter security. This ground-breaking perception software includes features such as the detection, tracking, classification, counting, and volume estimation of objects, as well as zone entry and exit detection.



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