Blickfeld introduces volume measurement feature in latest Percept release

Our Percept software version 1.3 empowers users to continuously measure bulk volumes enabling e.g. just-in-time stockpile management. Additional features include the creation of multiple zones with the same setting and auto-alignment of the sensor’s point cloud to the virtual ground.

Blickfeld Percept translates raw LiDAR data into actionable insights and is especially designed to enable users with little or no prior know-how in 3D data processing to develop scalable solutions for a variety of purposes, such as crowd analytics and perimeter security. This ground-breaking perception software includes features such as the detection, tracking, classification, counting, and volume estimation of objects, as well as zone entry and exit detection.

The latest release adds a variety of new and updated features to Percept:

  • To accurately determine bulk material volumes, we have included a volume measurement feature. Users can now define zones where they can continuously measure volumes and use the output data for further processing.
  • For an even easier setup of large projects with multiple zones, we have added the option to copy zones. Users can now multiply configured zones in the zone editing stage.
  • For a simpler and faster project setup, we have improved our auto-alignment feature. With the new release, point cloud data can be automatically aligned on the grid. We also included this feature in the semi-automatic registration, making the merging of multiple Blickfeld LiDAR sensors even more accurate.
  • To enable a smooth transition to new Percept releases, we have introduced an easy way to transfer existing projects to newer Percept versions.


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