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How LiDAR can Drive Digitalization – Recommended Reading on all-electronics.de

In a guest article for all-electronics.de, a widely read magazine on industrial digitization and automation, Blickfeld co-founder Florian Petit discusses the remarkable transformation that LiDAR technology has seen in the last five years. The focus is on three applications that show how LiDAR solutions deliver added value to companies in different industries:

  1. Volume Monitoring: Monitoring volumes in real time enables operators of, for example, waste incineration plants, gravel plants, and warehouses of all kinds to digitize their processes and always retrieve an up-to-date overview of inventories.
  2. Crowd Analytics: The analysis of people flow leads to more precise knowledge of movement dynamics, e.g., at large events or at airports, where, for example, the volume of people at checkpoints such as the security check can be predicted more precisely and long waiting times can be counteracted.
  3. Security: 3D LiDAR sensors detect intruding persons or objects anonymously and reliably, making them an indispensable technology for protecting critical infrastructure such as airports and power plants.

For each of these applications, there are countless uses in which companies can benefit from digital on-demand 3D LiDAR data by improving their business models or even developing and establishing entirely new products and services.



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