Blickfeld LiDAR Solutions - Smart Sensing, developed in Germany

Innovative hardware and intelligent software combined: Our Blickfeld LiDAR sensors help build smart logistics, support automation in industry and agriculture, and enable smart traffic control.

Precision at all distances

Our LiDAR sensors combine outstanding precision with a long range and a wide field of view – so even large areas such as warehouses, hangars, or fields are fully covered with just a few sensors.


Long Range

Proprietary MEMS mirrors enable maximum sensor range.

< 1cm

Highest Accuracy

Blickfeld LiDAR sensors guarantee distance and range measurements accurate to the centimeter – even in darkness and bad weather.

70° x 30°

Wide field of view

The sensors’ wide field of view ensures optimal area coverage.

LiDAR Solutions

Always on top of occupancy rates

Boarding starts in 30 minutes, but the security check is completely overcrowded? Fraport, the operator of Frankfurt Airport, relies on Blickfeld’s Smart Sensing solution to prevent this from happening to passengers. With the help of a total of ten Cube 1 sensors, Fraport keeps an eye on the flow of visitors in the main hall in real time – and can thus react flexibly to peaks in occupancy.

One-stop shop for hardware and software

Our LiDAR sensors collect 250.000 data points per second. From this data, our software filters the information that is relevant for you.


No matter which system you use. Our platform-agnostic software solution can be easily integrated everywhere.


Reconfigure the scan pattern of your LiDAR sensor at any time. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, this can be done with just a few clicks.


Track the movement of objects in your sensor's field of view - directly on device thanks to intelligent background subtraction.

Our products

Small, lightweight and customizable. Our sensors are easy to install in any location and are adaptable to your requirements. In combination with our Percept software, they enable a wide range of applications.

Cube 1

Cube 1


More about LiDAR

You would like to learn more about LiDAR technology and its possible applications? Contact us! Together we will find the right sensor solution for your application.

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