Cutting-edge sensing technology

Blickfeld LiDAR solutions automating various industries

Precision across industries

Designed for various industrial applications, Blickfeld LiDAR sensors offer reliable performance with high resolution 3D point clouds.

Remarkable Resolution

Combining advanced capturing and processing of 3D data on a single device, our LiDAR sensors also offer an outstanding resolution, a long range and a wide field of view.

Continous Data stream

Reliable 3D data collection in all lighting and weather conditions, making the sensors suitable for both indoor and outdoor use enabling 24/7 operation.

Effortless Integration

Lightweight standard communication protocols enable seamless integration into existing workflows

One-stop shop for hardware and software

Our LiDAR sensors collect 250.000 data points per second. From this data, our software filters the information that is relevant for you.

Application areas

Stockpile grains volume monitoring

LiDAR digitizes the measurement of stockpile or bulk material for countless industries: With a few installed sensors, paper and pen are in the past! On-demand, precise and remotely available data gives out exact volumes of stored material so that no shortages and production stops occur.

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LiDAR Solutions

More accurate than any scale

Recycling plays a vital role in making our future more sustainable. For recycling, waste companies store waste in high piles in warehouses. This is pragmatic, but makes it difficult to keep track of the exact inventory since current measuring methods, such as weighing, repeatedly produce inaccuracies. The resource management company Cireco, therefore, relies on LiDAR sensors from Blickfeld for inventory monitoring.

waste bunker Quvo Cireco
Florian Petit Blickfeld founder

More about LiDAR

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