FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Blickfeld LiDAR sensors meet laser safety class 1 according to the the IEC 60825-1:2014 standard limits. The sensors are not dangerous under reasonably foreseeable conditions.
The Cube is operated with a 12 V power supply (10 – 26 V absolute minimum – maximum values).
The Cube’s housing consists of black anodized aluminum, and the window of the sensor is made of acrylic.
The Cube can be equipped with a splash water protection housing. Please contact us.
Highly reflective surfaces are easy for the sensor to detect at any distance.
For highly absorbent surfaces, the reference value of 10% reflectivity is compared. The performance of Blickfeld sensors at 10% reflectivity can be found in the datasheet.
The Cube measures a maximum of 270 000 points per second.
The angular distance between points horizontally can be adjusted between 0.4° and 1.0°. Vertically, you can set the angular distance indirectly by the number of scan lines. With a max. 30° vertical field of view and 500 scan lines, you will get a distance of approx. 30/500 ~ 0.06°.

The Blickfeld Scanner Library (BSL) is used to integrate the Blickfeld Cube into existing environments. Currently, native implementations of the BSL exist in C++, and Python.

Detailed documentation of the BSL and more information can be found here:


Data overhead for Blickfeld sensors can be 1-3 Mbyte/s, so a 4G or 5G network is preferable to a LoRaWAN network.

Further information can be found in our software documentation:


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The Cube has IP40 protection as standard.