Fabrinet facility in Thailand where the Qb2 is manufactured

Blickfeld chooses Fabrinet as production partner

Blickfeld relies on leading manufacturing service provider for series production of the world’s first smart LiDAR, the Qb2, to meet growing global demand.

Blickfeld, a leading manufacturer of LiDAR hardware and software solutions, selects Fabrinet (NYSE: FN) as its production partner. Fabrinet is a leading global expert in high-precision optical, electronic and mechanical manufacturing services, and a proven partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

As a manufacturing partner, Fabrinet will be responsible for project planning and implementing production of the Qb2, as well as supply chain and quality management. The Qb2 was developed by Blickfeld, is based on patented technology, and is the first Smart LiDAR: The powerful Percept software developed by Blickfeld is integrated into the LiDAR hardware for the first time. The collaboration between Blickfeld and Fabrinet started in early 2022, and mass production will start in early 2023 at Fabrinet’s site in Thailand.

LiDAR production for the mass market

Currently, countless application fields for LiDAR are developing in the IoT field, and the demand for perceptual solutions is rising sharply. Production plays an important role in making LiDAR technology available to the masses: The Qb2 is a complex product for which Blickfeld sought a competent manufacturing partner to produce large quantities in high quality at low cost. Fabrinet, as one of the leading companies in the field of optoelectronics, fulfills these requirements excellently.

Qb2: The first Smart LiDAR

Qb2 combines Blickfeld’s patented and industry-proven LiDAR hardware technology with a powerful computing module running the company’s proprietary Percept software. As a result, Qb2 is the first Smart LiDAR to combine hardware and software in a single device, and as such, is ideally suited for countless IoT applications where a three-dimensional digital representation of the world adds value, for example, volume monitoring, crowd analytics, security or smart infrastructure. In addition to the European region, Blickfeld is seeing a strong increase in demand from the U.S. and China, which the company is serving with growing teams on the ground.

Edward T. Archer, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at Fabrinet, says: “We are pleased that Blickfeld has entrusted Fabrinet with the series production of the Qb2. Thanks to our many years of expertise and modern manufacturing facilities, we are well equipped to provide the Smart LiDAR in the high volumes needed for the global market.”

Terje Noevig, Managing Director and Chief Operations Officer at Blickfeld, “The Qb2 is the first Smart LiDAR and will be a key element in the revolution of three-dimensional, detailed environmental perception. The Qb2 will transform the IoT sector first and other markets later – LiDAR sensors will soon be everywhere. The prerequisite for this is mass production, first for industrial needs and, in time, for end-user applications. In Fabrinet, we have found a very experienced and reliable production partner with whom we have worked together in a very constructive and solution-oriented manner, right from the beginning.”



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