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Crowd analytics and management with LiDAR

Overtourism is a growing problem. Popular destinations attract more and more visitors, sometimes to an extent where nature, residents, and tourists suffer.

LiDAR-based crowd analytics solve this problem as you can anonymously and continuously track and analyze crowds in real-time, enabling you to regulate visitor flows and make your space smarter, safer, and more efficiently utilized.  In this webinar, our experts show you based on a successful tourism project at the North Sea how you can profit from LiDAR-based crowd analytics and management solution.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to set up a crowd analytics solution with 3D LiDAR technology
  • How LiDAR sensors capture anonymous people data
  • How a digital guest counting solution combats overcrowding on popular North Sea beaches 

Our experts:


Stefan Dragitsch
Sales and Business Development at Blickfeld

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Lukas Baldischwieler
Head of Sales at EvoCount 

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