bulk material stockpile storage hall

How to efficiently manage your material with LiDAR-based Volume Monitoring

Inventories are fixed costs and at the same time can be the most important capital for companies. The aim is to keep inventories as low as possible and delivery capability as high as possible. Therefore, efficient inventory management with an accurate overview of stock levels is key. 

However, there are often discrepancies between the books and the actual stock stored, especially in companies that work with bulk materials such as sand, animal feed, or grains.

Find out how LiDAR-based volume monitoring solutions enable accurate on-demand monitoring of materials in only 5 simple steps

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How you can profit from precisely monitoring your stocks
  • How LiDAR-based volume monitoring works
  • How to set up the Blickfeld solution in 5 simple steps


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