Winner CarIT Startup Factory

We are happy to announce that we are the winner of the CarIT Startup Factory contest.

The semi-final phase for the carIT Startup Factory 2017 powered by Cisco is over and the winners have been determined: Blickfeld and MotionTag convinced the carIT jury with their solutions.

Produkt- Cube

Blickfeld reaches important technical milestone

Blickfeld product development is happy to announce the successful completion of an important milestone.

The industry is demanding a powerful small-sized scanning LiDAR which will make autonomous driving possible. Blickfeld’s sensor will provide exceptional performance and a rugged automotive product in a small form factor.

For achieving this, the focus was put on further miniaturization and integration of the Blickfeld unique solid state technology into an encapsulated optical sensor head. All optical components including the laser unit, the detector unit and the innovative beam deflection unit, which is responsible for the wide field of view of 120° by 30°, are fitted inside the housing. The newly built sensor head has outer dimensions of only 110x50x60mm.

The first test measurements obtained from this new and integrated sensor head demonstrate the extraordinary data quality that the Blickfeld LiDAR is able to achieve. High-definition 3D point clouds in a wide field of view can be captured at a high frame rate.

Overall, the completion of the milestone proves the feasibility, precision, and producibility of the Blickfeld LiDAR sensor. The main parts of the optical sensor head are fabricated in silicon processes and thereby guarantee fabrication scalability at low costs. Blickfeld CEO Mathias Müller is proud of this great achievement and says “We have worked hard for this milestone and we are happy that we can reach such a high standard within a small form factor.”