LiDAR applications
Florian Petit

Technology in Agriculture: Can LiDAR Transform Modern Farming?

LiDAR can help agriculture increase yields and use land more efficiently through detailled monitoring. The technology is thus preparing the agricultural sector for the future.
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Florian Petit
The world of LiDAR technology
Lidar technology emerged already in the 60s and has evolved from application in aeronautics and aerospace to areas of environment detection such as autonomous driving today.
LiDAR pointcloud person in bounding box
Rolf Wojtech
The Software behind it all
What happens after a LiDAR sensor has collected data? How is information generated from point clouds that can be used to implement applications like crowd management?
MEMS mirrors
Mathias Müller
The world of LiDAR technology
In order to meet automotive requirements, LiDARs need to be highly performant and scalable. MEMS-based LiDARs are a suitable solution. But how is the size of the mirrors defined?
Florian Petit
The world of LiDAR technology

MEMS mirrors enable LiDAR sensors for the mass market

LiDARs have struggled with problems such as performance, robustness and scalability. Blickfeld’s technology ensures mass market readiness for LiDARs.