Behind the Scenes

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Behind the Scenes
In February 2017, the three founders Mathias Müller, Rolf Wojtech and Florian Petit, together with business angel Sebastian Neusser, laid the foundation for the revolutionary LiDAR technology originated in Munich and founded Blickfeld.
Mathias Müller Blickfeld founder
Mathias Müller
Behind the Scenes
How do you take the first steps in technology development? What challenges has Blickfeld already had to overcome as a company? These are only a few examples of the questions that Blickfeld CEO Dr. Mathias Müller answers in the second part of the Blickfeld Founder Interview series.
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Rolf Wojtech
Behind the Scenes
How was Blickfeld founded? What does a typical working day look like? What challenges are yet to be overcome, what milestones to be celebrated? Blickfeld's founders will be answering these and other questions over the next few months.