YouTuber Dr. Whatson explains LiDAR technology

“The LiDAR revolution is coming” – Cedric Engels alias Dr. Whatson is convinced of this. In a detailed educational video about LiDAR sensors and Blickfeld, Dr. Watson comprehensively explains the sensor concept in autonomous driving, goes deep into LiDAR technology, and gives an overview of the entire LiDAR market.

Together with Blickfeld’s founder Florian Petit, he addresses important questions such as “Why are LiDAR sensors essential for autonomous driving?”, “What makes Blickfeld’s sensors so special?”, and “Will Elon Musk at some point knock on Blickfeld’s door, wanting to buy LiDAR sensors?”

If you want to know the answers to these questions and would like to take a spin in a Blickfeld car through Munich’s Westend, click here:


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Mobility, and especially the driving of a car, is all about safety. You won’t want 99% safety, because simply put that means if you drive 100km, you will have an accident on the last kilometer. Instead, you need 99.99999 % safety, so you actually need perfect safety. It turned out that LiDAR technology, i.e. laser-based distance measurement, is particularly safe in that regard.

Dr. Florian Petit, founder of Blickfeld

If you want to know in general terms what LiDAR technology is all about, this video is for you:



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