MEMS Scanning Module 118

Fully integrated piezoelectrically driven MEMS mirrors for laser scanning systems

MEMS Scanning Module 118

MEMS scanning module 118 is a MEMS mirror-based laser scanner boasting an unrivalled large aperture, wide mechanical deflection angles, and a consistent optical performance across the entire field-of-view. The proprietary rugged design is a proven technology, already used in the Blickfeld industrial LiDAR. The module consists of a silicon-based mirror, PCBs, piezoelectric actuators, and a software library and can be used for both single axis or dual axis scanning. It comes with several preprogramed trajectories and allows customized deflection angles to fit your needs.

Key Specifications

Maximum mechanical scan range (MSR)
Mirror aperture
11.8 mm
Torsional resonance frequency
270 Hz ± 10 Hz
Operating temperature
-40 – 85 °C
~ 5 g

Specifications are subject to change without notice

Distinctive Features

Low power consumption

Wide optical deflection angle

Proven rugged design

Enabling 2D and 3D scanning

Product agnostic and customizable

Measurement principle agnostic (ToF & FMCW)

Large aperture for extra long-range detection

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