Cube 1

Providing a wide field-of-view for applications where an overview is required

Smart LiDAR

Cube 1 is a versatile 3D-LiDAR sensor that features an adaptable field of view, configurable scan pattern, and a long-range while maintaining small dimensions and light weight. The proprietary solid-state technology based on MEMS is maintenance-free and durable. On-device pre-processing, an easy to use web user interface, and the associated recognition software makes Cube 1 a smart solution for numerous applications.


Distinctive Features

Configurable field of view
Configurable scan pattern
Easy installation and setup
Easy installation and setup
Information rich data
Information rich data
Small size
Small size and light weight
Low power consumption
Low power consumption
Resilience to sunlight and weather
Resilience to environmental factors

Unrivalled small size

The patented design of the Cube enables its small size and facilitates integration into a wide range of applications. It weighs only 275 grams, which is a great advantage for applications like drones, for instance.

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Unrivalled small size

Easy configuration for every application

With the intuitive and easy-to-use web user interface, the Cube can be quickly put into operation and be individually configured in real-time. The field of view, number of scan lines, and scan rate can be flexibly customized to meet every application’s needs.

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Versatile - What does that mean exactly?

Smart Infrastructure

Collecting valuable data about traffic flows in the city can easily be done with the Cube while complying with the data protection laws. For this purpose, the sensor technology is integrated into the infrastructure to record movements in the city anonymously and reliably. The Blickfeld software then provides clear and concise key figures.

Perimeter Security

The Blickfeld Cube helps enhance the security of an area without triggering any false alarms. The reliable 3D coverage of perimeters in combination with the algorithms allows accurate object classification, triggering an alert only if a specific criterion is met such as detection of an unknown object in a predefined zone.


Automated Guided Vehicles will shape the logistics of tomorrow – whether in port facilities or warehouses, they create an added value by automating the transport of goods. Blickfeld sensors and detection software guarantee the safe maneuvering of these vehicles.

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Typical application range

5 – 75 m

Maximum detection range
250 m
Field of view (H x V)
70° x 30°
Angular resolution
Software configurable scan lines
e.g. 50 scan lines at 10Hz
Operating voltage
12 V
Power consumption
less than 15 W
Laser class

Class 1, eye-safe (IEC 60825-1:2014, Ed. 3)

All values may be subject to change


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