Bachelor & Master Theses

In collaboration with the TU München Institute for Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology (MST), we constantly offer collaboration on bachelor’s and master’s theses. Unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation for work on these theses.

Some possible topics


  • Object Recognition and Object Tracking via OpenCV and PCL
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)
  • Development of Device Firmware and PC Drivers
  • Development of an Operating System in Linux (e.g. Yocto Linux)
  • Development of Configuration Software Development of Tools for Analysis and Processing of Measured Data
  • FPGA-Development
  • ASIC Development


  • MEMS Process Development and Fabrication
  • High-Speed Sensor Data Processing for Autonomous Driving Applications
  • Development of a Laser Beam Aiming/Direction Detector
  • Object Recognition and Processing of Point Cloud Data of a New Scanning LiDAR Sensor
  • Development of a Data Interface and Protocol for a Point Cloud Sensor
  • Development of a Control System for a Vibrating Laser Scanner for Autonomous Driving
  • Finite Element Simulation of a MEMS High-Performance Laser Scanner


Please send a short letter of motivation (answering the question “Why Blickfeld?”), your current CV and academic transcript(s), and your fields of interest to