#Flattenthecurve Blickfeld style

The coffee machine is standing still, but the Blickfeld team keeps pushing forward.

These are truly extraordinary times. We at Blickfeld have also been contemplating the current situation and have taken measures to protect our employees as best we can while also helping to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus. But how is this feasible for a company that not only has departments such as software, sales, HR and marketing teams at a central location, but also tests, calibrates and develops products in the very same office space? How can we fulfil our social responsibility in these extraordinary times, while at the same time ensuring our operations?

Working at your desk at home

Working from home is one of the more straightforward measures to ensure social distancing. By letting the team members work from home so that they do not have to go outside or use public transportation is already an important step towards minimizing contact with other people.

What sounds easy to manage, nevertheless requires some preparation and consideration. In addition to the appropriate hardware for working at your desk at home, the communication tools that allow meetings and discussions to continue must also be put into operation. The team spirit is an important part of the Blickfeld culture – so it is also an essential task to maintain it. We do this with regular video calls, sometimes for a short coffee break or a even Weißwurst breakfast. This way, nobody has to feel lonely while working from home.

Special protective measures

But not all Blickfeld teams can simply work from their kitchen table. Many of our colleagues work on the Cube or its components and therefore have to come to the office to use the laboratories and equipment. In order to enable continued operation here, we have taken special protective measures and have reduced personal contact between colleagues as much as possible. These measures enable us to protect our employees and customers in the best possible way while maintaining operation.

Digital meeting with the whole team

We find new ways, to conduct familiar formats, that define the way we work. Our daily stand-up meetings within the individual Blickfeld teams take place via video calls. We conduct measurements with cubes at home. We take part in panel discussions online. We plan to hold workshops digitally and remotely. We meet as usual on Monday mornings with the entire Blickfeld team – currently digitally in a large video call. Impressive with almost 100 participants.

These measures drastically change our day to day work and it also means switching off our beloved coffee machine to prevent social gatherings in the kitchen. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to see how constructively our entire team is pulling along and making it possible to keep the business going despite these disruptions.




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