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Blickfeld LiDAR sensors measure volume of bulk material piles


Precise monitoring of bulk material inventories using LiDAR

Sachtleben Technology uses Blickfeld LiDAR sensors to measure bulk material inventories, providing a precise overview of the actual amount of product in the warehouse, accurate to the minute.



Inaccurate inventory calculation due to manual measurement methods

Previously, inventory has been measured extremely inaccurately or with very expensive measurement technology. As a result, many of Sachtleben Technology’s customers had no data of the actual amount of product stored in the warehouse prior to using LiDAR technology. Therefore, the goal is to accurately determine inventory levels to increase the productivity and efficiency of the companies’ supply chain management.


Volume monitoring with LiDAR enables real-time inventory measurement

Real-time volume monitoring using LiDAR

To capture material inventory in warehouses, Cube 1 LiDAR sensors are attached to the ceiling using adapter plates with network and power connections. The 3D data generated by the LiDAR sensors provides information on the height, width, and depth of the bulk piles accurate to the centimeter. In a next step, a software solution calculates the material’s mass on the basis of this data.

The solution also offers the advantage of precise and real-time registration of the point clouds for the material piles. Each sensor outputs the acquired data as a point cloud, containing the x, y, and z distance coordinates. The fusion of multiple point clouds from sensors placed in a warehouse allows the entire inventory to be recorded at once.

We were looking for a laser-based 3D sensor that would provide continuous and detailed data for volume measurement of bulk materials in a warehouse. With the Blickfeld Cube 1, we have found a small, lightweight, robust, and cost-effective LiDAR that precisely meets our requirements.
Quirin Kraus
Co-Founder & COO, Sachtleben Technology


More industries can benefit from volume monitoring with LiDAR

In addition to installing LiDARs in warehouses to monitor inventory, there are a few other application areas that may benefit from the use of this particular technology, like port facilities or gravel plants. Furthermore, a mobile version of the application could be interesting for construction sites, for example, to measure excavation.

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