Thesis, IDP or Student Project – LiDAR Object Recognition and Data Processing (m/f/d)


Your mission

Our LiDAR Sensor is already one of the best in the world and produces great 3D data. But in addition to excellent hardware, we also build software for processing that data. Join our Object Recognition Lab to create software that converts point clouds into higher-level information. For your thesis or other student projects we can offer many topics in the fields of: object detection, object counting and tracking, traffic monitoring, security, smart city, mapping, smart LiDAR, IOT and many more.
The listed tasks are examples to illustrate possible topics and research directions. Since we are moving fast new ideas always come up. Just apply and we will discuss suitable topics matching your interest and background. We will ask you to research the problem, discuss the suitable solutions and algorithms and assist you with the implementation of your concept and showcasing the results.
Please understand that theses and student projects are different from a working student position. So unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation for work on such topics.

Your tasks

The following list shows examples and possibilities (relevant technologies in brackets):
⟋ Get acquainted with ROS, PCL or similar frameworks for handling LiDAR data
⟋ Segmentation, Detection and clustering of objects/people with a 3D LiDAR (Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning)
⟋ Develop methods for tracking objects and evaluate the accuracy of the method (RFS-Bayesian Filtering, JPDA, MHT)
⟋ Object classification of 3D LiDAR data (Machine Learning/Deep Learning)
⟋ Research suitable Deep Learning architectures for processing 3D point cloud data (e.g. PointNet++, SECOND, LaserNet, Complex Yolo)
⟋ Multi LiDAR setup and point cloud registration
⟋ Sensor Fusion of IMU and LiDAR data
⟋ 3D SLAM on our LiDAR data
⟋ Design and implement a web-based system for visualizing and interacting with our 3D data processing (WebGL, React, Angular js, Node js, Python, FastAPI, REST)
⟋ Implementation of real-time point cloud processing in embedded systems (ARM Cortex, ROS/ROS2, Linux)
⟋ Simulation tools evaluation and integration of our sensor model (CARLA, IPG CarMaker, etc.)

Your profile

⟋ You are currently studying computer science or electrical engineering (or similar)
⟋ You have relevant programming skills in C++ or Python or Javascript
⟋ You have relevant algorithmic background in 2D/3D computer vision, robotics
⟋ You have very good communication skills in English
⟋ Experience with ROS/PCL is great
⟋ Experience with PyTorch or TensorFlow is great
⟋ Experience with Linux, Git, Docker, Continuous integration/ Continuous Deployment is great
⟋ Experience with LiDAR point cloud processing or Machine Learning is great
⟋ Experience with agile development process is great

Why Blickfeld?

⟋ Enjoy free beverages and lunch allowance
⟋ Work in a dynamic environment with quick development cycles and flat hierarchies
⟋ Develop ideas and realize them
⟋ Be part of a great team, that lives and breathes technology
⟋ Make the future of mobility a reality today
⟋ We are one team – everybody pitches in
⟋ “Can do” attitude
⟋ Courage to act and to make decisions
⟋ Things can go wrong, that’s ok
⟋ Friendly and constructive behavior
⟋ We stick together and can rely on each other  


We are looking forward to your application, including your CV, transcripts of records and a short cover letter.
Part time and full time possible.
Contact person: Florian Lenz ⟋


Please send a short letter of motivation, your certificates and your CV. We are looking forward to your application!